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The Desert

A few weeks ago I headed out to Ocotilla Wells/Anza Borrego Desert National Park for camping and activities. The desert isn’t really my idea of a good time but my friend Andy had invited me and I had been reluctant to participate in events he has suggested before (Las Vegas) which proved to be a great time.

I decided to go and head up on Saturday. I arrived around 1:30pm only to find out I was suppose to be there at 10am. On my way Andy called and told me to call him when I arrived. When I arrived at the general area I tried calling him but due to bad reception all I good do was send a text and hope for the best. I ended up at a bar called the Iron Door enjoying the local color. Turns out that Ocotilla Wells is a huge off-road park/community and those who partake in activities really like the Iron Door.

Andy picked up about an hour later and got me set up at the campsite. We then headed to enjoy the off-roading driving up sand-dunes and bumpy roads. We also looked at a hill with fossils and a natural spring. After that we returned to the campsite for good food and drink. I ended up having trouble sleeping and stay up about 2 hours after everyone went to bed but eventually went to sleep.

The next day it was windy but we all got some breakfast and packed up. We headed out to The Mud Caves which fit there description. I ended up scraping my arm and bonking my head not realizing I still had my sunglasses on when exploring the caves. We had lunch after and then head back to camp. However, we decided to take the hard off-road way. We took Diablo Drop-off which is a steep road that takes us from a mesa into an arroyo.  We then to proceed to drive through the arroyo over large rocks.