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Slow June

Not a lot going on right now especially when you compare it to Japan. I did make it out to GameX in LA for some roleplaying fun for memorial day weekend. Having had bad luck with running games there before (no one showed up) I decided to just play and had a good time. I got to play “In a Wicked Age”, “Dresden Files RPG”, “Icons”, “World of Darkness WWII”, and “Warhammer 3rd ed.”

One of the groups running games at GameX decided to have a rpg day at a gamestore in LA so a friend and I drove up and played some “Savage World: Aliens” and “Serenity.”

I usually run a single session rpg for a meetup group once a month. I’ve recently started doing these at Gamers Torch which is a great new gaming store in Pacific Beach. He has the best selection of Indy games I’ve seen south of San Francisco and is supportive of the gaming community. They donated a bunch of prizes for hyphen-con and give us drinks during the game.

Other than gaming Stephanie and I have been following the Padres closer than we ever have before. I might know the name of 6 or 7 players and now have a bobble head on my desk.