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Hyphen-Con VI

Strawberry Shortcake Post Apoc

Last weekend was the sixth annual hyphen-con. Hyphen-con (aka rpg-san-diego-games-day) is a games day that me and a group of friends started when we were trying to create a gaming con. This years was great and I got to play Post Apoc Strawberry Shortcake (as in the children’s cartoon). I also got to play the Dresden Files rpg. Both games were a lot of fun but for the first time we decided to do boardgames on Sunday so I also got to play Pandemic and Robo-Rally. It was possibly the best Hyphen-con yet.

I also attended Kingdom-con the weekend before which is another groups attempt to start a gaming convention in San Diego. They seemed fairly successful having two room for miniature game and one room for board/card games. I talked to the guy who ran it and hope to help him included rpgs next year.

Meeting with the Bros

All last week I got to hang out with a bunch of friends from high school/college in Las Cruces. It started with my friend Scott coming down to San Diego for Coast Card training. During a couple evenings when we were finished with work Scott and I would hang out at the Tilted Kilt (a place like Hooters only with good food and beer) or catch a movie. We got to do a lot of catching up and had a good time.

On Friday I flew out to Las Cruces and got picked up by my mom. It is my dad’s birthday next weekend so I decided to surprise him. My mom and I walked into his office and he was shocked. I spend some time with talking with my parents and then checked into my hotel.

Adam, my friend since the second grade, picked me up and we got some classic New Mexican food and then got some drinks. Adam tried a scotch and ended showering our hotels patio in puke. He instantly felt better. After we picked up Joe and went to Adam’s place to play board games.

The next day we went out to the town of Hatch and got chili cheese burgers at Sparkies. This was my first chili cheese burger and I liked it but I still have no need for green chili. After that we we went to Choas Bookstore and then Adam’s brother-in-law’s who later joined for a round of Munchkin the Boardgame.

We then grabbed dinner at El Sombrero and picked up another old friend, Shane, who I hadn’t seen in five years. We then went to the bar and finally ended up back at Adam’s to play more games. This time I started off with Zombie Cinema, a narrativist rpg, and while it was fun at first everyone quickly lost interest and we switched over to Pandemic.

Sunday was a lot of the same with New Mexican food, wondering around and games. Finally, I headed back to my parents for a great dinner of paella and Caliches frozen custard. On Monday I flew home early and went straight to work.

It was a great week and something I’ll have to do again but maybe in a different location.