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Birthday and Orccon 2010

Last weekend I went up to LA for Orccon with some friends. This was my third Orccon and is now a tradition. Saturday featured some great games starting off with Leftover, a game written by Mike Olsen, a friend of mine. Leftover is a Post Apocalyptic setting caused by the rise of Cthulhu like creatures who rise up and destroy the world killing 90% of the planet. You play one of people who survived, a left over and one of the few ways to survive to combine with the smaller, minion like alien creatures who are still around. It is an awesome game with some great ideas and we had a ton of fun playing it.

Next game was Dirty Secrets, a noir game that is describe as having on player and everyone else is a GM. Essentially, one person plays the investigator (which I got to play) while everyone else takes turn setting up scenes for the investigator. It was a lot of fun and amazing how a great story resolved from the strange mechanics and ideas of everyone involved.

In the evening I ran Conspiracy X 2.0, and alien government conspiracy game similar to X-files. This went over really well and I did something a little different. Instead of having everyone play investigators (the traditional way to play ConX) I made two of the characters play the people be investigated. This went over really well causing a lot of non-lethal conflict between the players.
I didn’t get much sleep (I have terrible insomnia during these cons) and had to run the new Doctor Who rpg that morning. I ended up with seven players and it was difficult to keep everyone involved. Everyone seemed to have fun but I think it could have gone better.

Finally, I played in an 80’s style Vampire the Requiem game with a bunch of teenagers. The GM wanted a serious and dark game while the kids just wanted to have fun a goof around being a cool vampire. Not a great mix. I ended up being a mediator trying to encourage the kids’ creativity while maintaining the GMs feel.
On Monday was my birthday. I didn’t do anything except catch a cold which I am just now getting over. I did beat Final Fantasy VII, the first time I actually beat one of these games even though I’ve played them all.