All posts for the month November, 2009

This Thanksgiving I went back to Las Cruces. I had a lot of fun spending the day with my parents and the evening with my estranged friend Adam. By estranged I mean that we were friends from the second grade (as well as being his best man at his first wedding) but when I moved to San Diego (in 2003) I didn’t tell him. The reasons are complicated but involve feeling guilty and the longer I waited the more guilty I became until finally I moved away. I later heard he was angry which made things worse.

We did not communicate for almost five years until I reached out to him through myspace. Things were smoothed over and we were friends on myspace/facebook and this Thanksgiving weekend we finally got to see each other again after six years. At first things were a little uncomfortable as we felt each other out but soon we were reminiscing about the past a lot I had forgotten. I had a lot of fun as we also played some video games and later Vampire the Eternal Struggle with Adam’s brother-in-law.

I also spent the day with my parents and ate a lot of great food from both old and new (to me) restaurants as well as catching a movie, playing some tennis and visiting a new national park on the Rio Grande.

Stephanie came down for two days and on Thanksgiving we hiked Aguirre Springs and then had a nice dinner with my parents and some of their friends. She then flew back on Friday (I stayed until Sunday).

Overall, a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to more great times with Adam. Hopefully I won’t have to wait another six years.