All posts for the month September, 2009

Last weekend Stephanie and I went up to Temecula for the weekend for some wine-tasting. We stayed at the Temecula Creek Inn which was around $230 a night. The most either of us had spent on a hotel room and neither of us was impressed. The room was nice but nothing special. We could have easily got the equivalent at another hotel and probably for $100 less.

While up there we went to Old Town farmers market and had breakfast from a restaurant in San Diego that set up a tent there. Later we drove out to South Coast Wineries and used up a bunch of wine-tasting tickets that my parents left us from a previous trip. We had a nice lunch and bought a few bottles of wine. Apparently, Kenny G was playing there that night.

The evening was spent back in Old Town where we did some more wine/cheese tasting and then had dinner at a Mexican place. Overall, a great little weekend getaway.

During Labor Day weekend I went to Gateway gaming convention up in LA. I had a lot more fun than I did at the previous one. I started off with a game of Zombie Cinema and then ran my Song of Ice and Fire rpg which went really well. That evening was Heroquest which was ok but the GM ran a dungeon crawl with an open, not tactical system which I didn’t care for.

Sunday was all Spirit of the Century starting with me running a game with a time hopping pulp game. I than played in a planetary romance mars game which was a lot of fun as the GM played up the romance.