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Gencon Indy 09

Last weekend I flew out to Indianapolis for Gencon, the biggest gaming convention in the world. I had gone to Gencon Socal for all four years it existed but had never been to Indy. My friend Andy and I flew out Wednesday and got to Indianapolis at 11:30 at night.

We got to our hotel and met up with our other friends Jonathan, Sam and Erik. The five of us got a few drinks and then headed to bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep well at all.

The next morning we got up and got a decent breakfast. My first game was Centuries Edge, a Victorian era independent game that had some interesting mechanics. The adventure was similar to Alice in Wonderland and was fun until the last hour where we got frustrated with trying to figure out what to do.

After that Andy and I got some lunch and then attended a Q&A on Geist, the new World of Darkness game that looks like a lot of fun. I then headed to my next game.

My last game was World of Darkness: Innocents and possibly the best game of the con. We played kids who were being babysat by an old Russian woman. The Russian woman tells us a story with the Russian dolls that fit into each other but the dolls’ eyes appear to be moving. The lights go out and the old lady goes to get some candles. A few minutes later we hear the sound of someone falling and the dolls have disappeared. It just got better from there. This game was especially fun because two of the players were actually kids (9 and 11 I think).

After dinner we went to True Dungeon. The props, mood, and puzzles were all top notch but I didn’t have a lot of fun. We managed to beat most of the challenges in under half the time it normally takes. This was mostly a result of having a guy who had bought hundreds of tokens and our friend Eric who was really good at the game and use to be a GM.

Friday morning I missed my first game but got to work my way through the dealers room. I only got through 3/4 as I had to run a game. The game was World of Darkness: Guess Who is Coming to Dinner. I have run this game three times and it went well and this time was no exception. I only had three players and had to call in a fourth but it still went well.

That night I met up with my friend Morgan from LA for food and he then ran a game of Spirit of the Century for us.

The next morning I had to run to my first game because I slept late. It was a two hour game of Starblazer Adventures. The GM took a long time setting up the game so not much happened and we didn’t really get a feel for the system. I also had to leave early because my next game took place right after.

The next game used something called the Conflict System and was a fairly standard rpg system. The players were all normal people who were all on the same bus. After the bus crashed we all headed to a strange town and discovered we had a destiny. To fulfill our destiny we must collect 7 different keys in the town and bring them to the head priest.

I had a one hour break and then headed to my last game of the evening, Changeling the Lost. I have been skeptical of this game since it came out and this adventure did nothing to change my opinion. However, we did have 7 players (too many) and the adventure was fairly dull.

On Sunday I finished my round of the dealers room. At the end we headed to Games on Demand, an area that has GMs ready to run independent rpgs. We got into a game of Houses of the Blooded which started out to be a lot of fun but Andy, Jonathan, and I had to leave to catch our flight.

Overall, a great time. I would definitely do it again.

Comic-Con 09

I almost didn’t go this year. Not from not wanting but when I went to buy tickets in April the 4-day, Friday, and Saturday tickets were sold out. Luckily I had a friend who hooked me up.

This year is probably one of the slowest comic-cons I have been to. I did my usual thing taking two half days on Thursday and Friday and then doing all of Saturday. Nothing really exciting happened and the panels I went to were mediocre and had long lines (had to wait 1:30 to get into the main Ballroom). I did get some great deals and had fun walking around the dealers room. I think my favorite parts were hanging out with friends after the con and gaming Saturday night with friends I don’t normally get to play with.

By Sunday I was completely exhausted so I didn’t go. Overall, a fun event as usual and to make sure I get my 4-day pass I bought my membership a year early at the con.