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Pride Parade 09

Last Saturday Stephanie and I walked in the San Diego 2009 Gay Pride Parade. Stephanie’s company, Cox Cable, is a big supporter of gay rights and had a truck with water and sunscreen lotion to hand out to the crowd. There were a a lot of volunteers plus we had are celebrities Sam the Cooking Guy, and Ongina.

We got to the location Cox was setting up at around 9:15 and had to wait until 11:30until we actually started moving. During that time we helped out a lot but it was mostly a lot of waiting around. When we started Stephanie was pulling a wagon full of water and I was passing them out. All the Cox volunteers were so eager to move that we started passing out water at a rapid rate. We had almost passed it all out 1/4 the way down. Half way through we ran out of water and just walked and waved.

Overall it was a lot of fun. The crowd was enthusiastic and the other floats were great. I think next year I want to view the parade instead of being part of it.