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Date Night: Roller-skating

Last Saturday Stephanie and I went roller-skating for a date night. There is a roller-skating rink a few miles from us. We went rented our skates and headed out to the rink. It was a little shaky at first but we quickly got our groove and started doing laps. There was Lots of cheesy 80s music and after awhile they turned off the lights and turned on the disco and Thriller. We continued for about an hour but our legs and feet just couldn’t handle the punishment that the skates were dishing out.

For dinner we headed to California Cuisine in Hillcrest which was recommended to us by a friend in a cooking club. I enjoyed a tasty scallop dish and Stephanie got the linguini. We finished with a cup of coffee and an adult milkshake.

Stephanie wanted to try a couple different dessert places in Hillcrest but one had shut down and the other was closed so we ended up having a nice walk and heading home.

The next day we headed up to Orange County to hang out with member of the Straight Dope Message board which Stephanie is a member. We met some interesting people and had a good time. I also got to drink some good beer as the place had around 100 beers on tap.