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Parents and GameX 09

Last week my parents came to town. I took half days off work from Tuesday to Friday and got to hang out with them in the afternoon. They also brought their friends Ruth and Rob who I have known since I was a kid. Ruth is head of the theater department at NMSU and runs a children’s theater workshop. I was in both (not at the same time) so it was good seeing them, too.

On Tuesday we went to Point Loma and got some seafood and then hung around Cabrillo Nat Mon. Later we got dinner at the Linkery and then went to see the play Cornelia (about the politician George Wallace who ran for President in 72 and his wife) at the Old Globe. On Wednesday we went to the Hotel Del Coronado and got some lunch and then bummed around the beach. After we stopped at Extraordinary Desserts and then Old Town to have dinner with Stephanie. On Thursday I played tennis with my dad and then we went wine tasting in Temecula. Finally, on Friday we went and saw the Padres whoop the Cubs 4 to 0.

I didn’t get any rest because Saturday morning was the GameX gaming convention up in LA. We headed up at 7 but arrived late and ended up playing a bad OD&D game that took 2 hours of prep. I tried to run Hunter the Vigil after lunch but only had two players and one left in the middle which ended the game. I was upset by this time and luckily the third game, a John Carter of Mars style game using Fate, was a lot of fun.

On Sunday I ran Monsters and Other Childish Things which was fun but wouldn’t have had any players if my friend Sam hadn’t wrangled some up. The final game was a demo of White Wolf’s new game Geist, which I can’t say anything about since I signed a NDA other than it was a lot of fun and has the potential to be White Wolf’s best ghost game yet. We also got free dice and books. Overall, I give the con a C and probably won’t be running any games at the con since I have more fun playing.

Annivarsary and Death Cab

On Sunday the 26th was our 1 year anniversary. We didn’t do anything special that day because Stephanie was sick. We did eventually make it out for a nice dinner at The Linkary who had catered our wedding. Pretty typical of us to keep things super simple.

Last Wednesday Stephanie and I went to see “Death Cab for Cutie.” It was a great concert. The venue, Rimac Stadium at SDSU, was small and it was all general admission. I didn’t push my way to front like when I was in college but picked out some close seats where we could easily see the band.