All posts for the month April, 2009

Hyphen-Con and Wedding

Last few weekends have been a lot of fun. A few weeks ago was the fifth rpg-sandiego meet (hyphen-con). This is our local game day where a bunch of us get together and play rpgs all day. We had some great games going and our biggest turnout around 23 people. I got to play in an original D&D (1974 White Box) game where we were sent out to hunt some dark elves but in classic D&D style everyone died. Later I played Transhuman Space, a game set about 100 years in the future where AI and uplifted creatures are fairly common.

The weekend after Hyphen-Con Stephanie and I went to go see the Padres beat the Giant which was fun. We got free Adrien Gonzales t-shirts.

Last weekend was Joe’s wedding. I flew out to Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday and Joe stayed at my hotel so he wouldn’t see the bride, Kelly. We stayed up late a drank beer so he would be ready to go the next day. Luckily we woke up without too much trouble and got some breakfast. The rest of the day was all wedding which was fun. The Friday after we went on the water taxi and looked at the swank houses and yahts and then ate at a nice restaurant in down town. We finished off the evening drinking in their suite.

Baseball and Teeth

A couple weekends ago Stephanie and I went to the World Baseball Classic semi-finals and final. Actually, we started off watching the WBC in San Diego with Cuba vs Japan. Not the most exciting game but things would heat up when we went up to Los Angeles for the finals.

It was a lot of fun. We actually stayed in a Marriot Suites in Anaheim do to one of our friends working at the same hotel chain and able to get a great rate. Since we were down there we went to Disneyland and ate at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
The two semi-finals were blowouts as Korea beat Venezuela and Japan beat the USA. However, the final was amazing and possibly the most exciting baseball game I’ve ever been to. It was Japan vs Korea and the Korean fans were crazy making noise at every pitch. They ended up coming back in the 9th pushing the game into extra innings but Japan won in the 10th.

In other news I have finished getting a root canal and have started getting a crown. The crazy thing about this is both of these require two trips and I had a cleaning in the middle for a total of five trips to the dentist in two months.