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Condor : Helping with RPGs

A few weeks back I went to a Dungeons and Dragons meetup. While there I met a woman who was the chair for a local scifi convention called Condor. I suddenly became interested because I’ve been trying to consolidate and grow the San Diego RPG community. We currently don’t have a local gaming convention. We have a couple small things like game days at Game Town and our own game day but nothing large.

This was my chance to help grow a gaming convention. Condor is supposed to have gaming but hasn’t been able to bring in people and grow interest. I decided to go and meet the people who run gaming at Condor and see if I could help grow it over the next year.

I went and was successful. I even got to run some D&D4 for some people. I am now in contact with the heads of Condor and I hope to be able to work with them and grow the rpg/gaming and eventually turn it into a respectable gaming convention.