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B-Day 09

Another year has gone by and I’m now 33.

My computer crashed on me last Friday. I’ve been having trouble with my network settings just disappearing. I couldn’t figure out how to bring them back so I used the restore software for a back-up I made toward the end of January. Well, the restore crashed in the middle and now the computer can’t boot. It didn’t come with a Windows CD and I never bothered to make a boot disk. Currently on the Lenevo site trying to figure out what to do when your computer dies.

On the weekend of the 15th I was up in LA at Orccon 09. It was a pretty slow con this year. Got to play in a Serenity rpg and then run Mutants and Masterminds. On Sunday I played a Star Trek rpg and then a fantasy game using a system called Spirit of the Century. Overall, a good time but I was going to run MouseGuard which no one showed up to. What was weird about no one showing up is that I had 5 out 5 people sign-up, and you could only sign-up and hour before the game started.

Work is busy this week as we prepare to launch the new Websense support site which is a redesign and reorganization. This is a project that I was basically in charge of and we are suppose to go-live on Friday.