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Karaoke and Christmas

A few weeks back we decided to have a December birthday for Stephanie and my two friends Erik and Andy. We went to the same karaoke we place I went back in spring. It was just as much fun this time around as it was last time. The highlight for me was when I tried to sing “Jump Around” an early 90’s rap song. I was fumbling over the words as they were going too fast but Stephanie picked up the second mike and started rapping in sync with the words. Apparently she had memorized the song when she was younger.

We had a nice Christmas. On Christmas we went and saw a live performance of “Xanadu” based off the 1980 movie with Olivia Newton-John and featured lots of glitter and people on rollerskates. I was skeptical at first but it was hysterical apparently a parody of itself.

A few days after Christmas we went to see “A Chinese New Year.” It was a production of traditional Chinese singing and dancing with vibrant costumes, acrobatic stunts, and beautiful dancing. They even had mock dancing battles of the Monkey King and Mulan.

So, we went a little less traditional this year replacing Uncle Scrooge with a roller disco and the Nutcracker with girls dancing with chopsticks.