All posts for the month September, 2008

My new job has been going well. I started on Sept 2 and have almost finished a month. A lot of it has been getting use to corporate work style. I’m use to working in companies that have 5-20 employees. I’m now working in a company that has 500 employees at their main office and over 1200 employees world wide.

I now have a cube and don’t see many people throughout the day. Most of communication takes place through IMs, emails, or meetings. Everyone has been extremely friendly but it is still difficult to get into the corporate groove. I don’t think I have discussed anything outside of work since I have been here and have been afraid to go to any events such as an ice cream social that was held a few days ago and the coffee cup logo recycling party we had two weeks ago. Next week we are having a party to celebrate the release of the latest version of our product.

The work itself has been interesting. I helped put together a Knowledge Base for our tech alerts and have been updating the site for version 7 or our product. I’m use to having 100% control of the source files and development. Here I have minimal control. I can’t access any files to our Knowledge Base software and we use a Content Management System (CMS) called Reddot that is extremely limiting in what I can do. One nice feature of Reddot (when it works) is that I can edit a page and then submit it to a reviewer who then makes the page live.

I think it will take me another month or two to get comfortable working in this atmosphere. It seems to get better each day as I learn who people are (and am able to place faces to the name of the IMs and emails). I even scheduled and ran my first meeting today.

In other news I went to Gateway RPG con the weekend before I started working at Websense. It was a lot of fun and both games I ran (WoD Innocents, and Shadowrun) filled. Shadowrun even had an extra player. I got to play in “Gray Ranks” a game about teenage rebels in Poland during the Nazi occupation.

D&D at the library has slowed down a little. I have had to cancel three sessions due to my new job. I decided to cancel two just to get use to things and then had to stay late for v7. It has also gone down to 6 kids (down from 12 since the end of spring semester) which has been nice.