All posts for the month August, 2008

New Job

I got a new job. Starting August 2nd I’ll be working for a company called Websense which does web filtering and security. I am excited as this is my first big corporate position. I have always worked for small businesses and wondered what it was like to work for someone big. Well, I’ll be finding out in two weeks.

I’ll be in charge of the user interface for tech support. Right now most tech support is done through phones and they want to boost the usability of their esupport including a searchable knowledge base and a chat program. I’ll be in charge of these applications from maintenance to improving the look and usability to them to coming up with whole new systems. I am excited about the work but also excited about the benefits which are a huge improvement over what I’m currently getting.

I’m excited to start but still have a lot of stuff to wrap up at my old job which had its own weirdness. I am still attached to Trio because I helped make grow and feel that I have left a part of myself in the company.

The Comedian

Last Saturday Stephanie and I went to see Eddie Izzard. This wasn’t at a comedy club but more a huge production done at a large theater. We had great seats at the mezzanine level which is the middle level. We did not know this as we headed to the top and they sent us back down.

Eddie Izzard is known for cross dressing but during this show he played it straight. Needless to say he was hysterical with bits about mac and pc computers, wikipeida, history, language, tennis, and religion. He did a bit on religion and dinosaurs which reminded me a lot of Bill Hicks, a comedian who was popular during the early 1990s until he died in 1994. Though the subject was the same (why does the bible not cover dinosaurs) the jokes were different which I found interesting.

I was also amazed that he didn’t recycle any of his old work. The entire show was new material and I own one of his DVDs, seen two others and have a CD.

This is the first time I have ever seen a comedian live. I think I would enjoy seeing other comedians but I’m not really familiar with them. I think the only other ones I can think would be Jerry Sienfeld and Dennis Leary.