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So, I got Married

Stephanie and I got married on April 26.

We got up at 5 in the morning to go to spin class (Stephanie’s normal time). When we got back we prepared everything and drove up to Diamond Bar (30 miles southeast of LA) arriving at Stephanie’s mom’s house around 11:30. We spent some time cleaning windows and at 1 Stephanie and her mom went and got their nails done while I put together furniture.

When they got back we discovered the cable we had wouldn’t connect the ipod to the stereo so we had to get a new one. After that we relaxed for a couple hours and then went out to dinner with our parents and friends that drove down that day.

The next day was the wedding. We got some breakfast and then headed back over to the house to start setting up which we did for about four hours. First we set up lights, then the tables and chairs showed up and eventually the caterers and cupcakes.

We had everything ready to go and people started to show up a little before 3. For the first hour everyone got drinks and appetizers and talked. A little after 4 we had a quick ceremony which was performed by my friend Jonathan. It went well and right after the ceremony I signaled my friends in the back who blasted Sandstorm and Erik yelled out “I present to you the new husband and wife.” Stephanie and I then ran down and I gave everyone hi-fives.

We then had dinner which was from The Linkery and it tasted great. Later we brought out the fancy cupcakes (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and chocolate with peanut butter frosting) and they were amazing. Around 8:30 everyone had left.

On Sunday my parents and I went to see a Dodgers game which was fun not a little hot. On Monday we packed up all the leftovers and headed home. Overall, it was a lot of fun and now I’m married with a big fat ring on my finger. Pictures will be posted when I get them.