All posts for the month March, 2008

Bachelor Party – Vegas

Last weekend was my bachelor party and I decided to go to Vegas. Influenced by my last trip there I decided I wanted something similar only with strippers and that’s exactly what I got. A fun filled geek weekend in Vegas.

There was about 10 of us total, mostly from San Diego and one from Minneapolis who each met at the Riviera Casino around 5:30 when we arrived. We hung out and got drinks waiting for everyone else to show up. We got dinner at the Treasure Island buffet and then did some roleplaying in the Casino where I ran InSpectres and the other group ran “Don’t Rest Your Head.”

After that we headed back and my friend Joe and I stayed up drinking scotch and talking javascript. Also one friend got hijacked by hookers and ended up drinking with them for a couple hours.

The next day we got something to eat late morning and then headed to the Star Trek Experience where everyone kept ordering me drinks and I got pretty drunk. We spent 6 hours there talking with Star Trek characters and going on the rides.

When we got the Star Trek tickets at the 1/2 off booth we also got scheduled for dinner and entry into a strip club called “Treasures.” A limo picked us up around 9:15. It was a strange place to have dinner but fun and included something called a lapatizer. After dinner we headed up to the strip club and well… had a good time.

Next day the drive home was tough as traffic was horrible and the wind was blowing real bad. It took us 4 hours to get from Las Vegas to Barstow (normally a 2 hour drive). However, I am back and read to be married.

D&D Program Two Years

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the Dungeons & Dragons teen program at the El Cajon library. I bought pizza for everyone and handed out dice prizes for the teens who have Dungeon Mastered and then raffled off a couple other prizes.

The group has changed a lot over two years. I started with five players and the group would change a lot. I have had three players that have been with for almost the entire time. It has now gotten so big that I can no longer run games but have to coordinate them and help the teens run their own games.