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Orccon 08

Last weekend four friends and I went to Orccon up in LA near the airport. Orccon is part of a three con series that lands on three day weekends including Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

For this con we left around 7am and arrived a little after 9. We got our badges and hit the dealers room where I bee lined it to the Indy Press Revolution booth which sells independent role-playing games. I picked up “Grey Ranks” and rpg about playing teenage rebels during the Warsaw Uprising during WWII. I also got “Cold City” where you play supernatural investigators in Berlin during the 1950s.

At 10am was my first game which was “Houses of the Blooded” with game designer John Wick. HotB is his new game and it was a lot of fun. It had a fun system which allowed players to define characters and the setting as you played.

My second game I ran which was Witchcraft. I had ran this adventure before and it didn’t go well. Something had to change and I cam up with an idea before the con. I decided that each player would declare a contact for their character. They would write the contact on a piece of paper and hand them to me. The game would revolve around each character visiting their contacts to solve a mystery. They would take 2-4 other characters with them. The other players would play the contact and other NPCs.

The game was fantastic and everyone had a blast.

The next day I played Heroquest. There were four of us and the GM was ill prepared. He had us make characters (something I discourage for a con game). However, everyone was open-minded and we come up with some great characters. The GM ran with it and was encouraging and creative. The game turned into a great experience and I’m using the concepts we came up with for my own one-shot.

Final game was Unknown Armies. We were playing a published adventure called “Jail Break” in which some of the players play escaped convicts while other players play hostages. I have heard this is one of the greatest written adventures of all time. I ended up disappointed in the adventure though I still had fun. It had some fun moments but a few players with left with nothing to do and character goals could have been a lot clearer especially for my character and the woman who was playing my characters wife (the characters had a very important roll).

Overall, great fun gaming, staying up late, and hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. I have grown to really enjoy the con scene and am looking forward to GameX in May and possibly Gencon Indy (the big one) in August.

Birthday Birthday

Hurray for birthday! I’m 32 and still going. This weekend I’ll be heading off to LA for Orccon to do two days of straight gaming.

Also, TRIO (my company) officially moved to our new office building. It is a lot bigger then both previous offices and will include a showroom and gallery. When everything is finished I’ll include pictures.

Jury Duty and Fences

Last week I got selected to do jury duty. It was a criminal trial where the defendant tried to smuggle meth across the border in Tecate. When the customs agents where examining his vehicle he ran back into Mexico but left his Alien ID card, drivers license, and truck in the agents.

A few years later he jumped the border and a border patrol officer caught him. They figured out he was the same man who tried to smuggle the drugs and arrested him. The jury ended up convicting him.

It was an interesting experience if a bit boring at times. I liked seeing how our justice system really worked. It was also nice not having to be there until 9am and I got a lot of reading done.

Stephanie and I also saw the premier of “Fences” by August Wilson at the Cygnet Theater. It was amazing and Stephanie said it was the best production they had done. We normally don’t go to premiers so it was funny seeing more people dressed up along with a buffet after the production that we didn’t stay for.