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Not the Next Door Neighbor

Last night was the first time I had hosted a roleplaying game since I lived in Las Cruces. I ran the Witchcraft rpg as an oneshot. People started rolling in around 7pm and by 8 everyone was there.

We were maybe an hour into the game when someone rang the doorbell. I thought “Who could that be, everyone I’m expecting is already here and no-one ever rings our doorbell.” I answer the door and it is our old next door neighbor who moved out about three months ago. I can see his door is open with all lights turned off. Our conversation goes something like this.

Him “Do you know if anyone is living here?”

Me “Yes, a few guys moved in about a month after you left. Maybe sooner. But I remember they even moved in something large because they knocked the 3 off our apartment number (35).”

Him “Well, we still own this place and haven’t rented it out. I noticed that I kept getting my electrical bill so I decided to check it out. There shouldn’t be anyone living here.

I talked with him a little more and then headed back to my game. Twenty minutes later there is a knock at the door and this time it is a cop. He asks me some more questions and takes my information. He then points to my “Witchcraft Game” sign on the door I used to help everyone find my place. I told him it was like DnD and he laughed. When I went back in we promptly made jokes about sacrificing chickens to help him find the culprits.

From the rest of the evening we could hear my old neighbor walking up and down the stairs with his friends moving stuff out. So yeah, we had a bunch of squaters living next door.

As for the Witchcraft game, it went ok. Not my best adventure but I got some great feedback from my players and plan on running it again at Orccon in February.

Holidays 07 and the New Year

The Holidays were a nice break. For Christmas we drove up to Orange County to visit Stephanie’s mom and then to LA to visit the rest of her family. For New Years I ran a Serenity RPG for a group of friends and we then watched a movie and brought in the new year smoking a cigar.

Throughout the Holiday I say “I am Legend” and “Juno.” Also got a lot of Netflix watching done plus the new Doctor Who season 3.

Stephanie and I also made plans do rearrange the furniture in the condo, get rid of stuff, and buy a bigger TV. Plus clean so it is sort of a cooperative resolution.

I’ve decided this is the year of change. My company is moving into a new building which will change the way we do business (from web only business to showroom. Plus I’m getting married and a good friend is moving away.