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First SD Club Concert

On Friday night me and a bunch of friends went to see “Shonen Knife” at a local club called the Casbah. We met up around 7:30 at a quick Thai restaurant and hung out for about an hour. We left for the club which was neat. It had two indoor areas and one outdoor. It was covered in stickers and had that rock bar feel throughout. We drank a few beers and chatted until around 9:30 when the first band Wildbirds came on and then a band called Juliet Dagger.

Finally it was time for Shonen Knife. For those who aren’t familiar Shonen Knife is a Japanese j-pop/punk band. Their lyrics are silly and fun and make little sense. They will do typical punk/hard rock posturing but it is fun and silly. They will throw the horns \m/ with big smiles on their faces. I loved the show and got into it. They were a ton of fun.

On Sunday we bunch of us went and saw “It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play.” Stephanie and I saw it last year at the Cygnet Theater and it was just as good the second time around. All our friends enjoyed it and the play was a great holiday activity.