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Minneapolis and the Fires

A week ago I flew up on Thursday to Minneapolis to visit my friends Joe and Lisa. We hadn’t seen each other for over a year and that was just visit to Madison WI. It was good catching up with him and of course the first day was all about old times and catching up including playing an old video game called “Rpg-Maker” where you create a rpg in the style of Final Fantasy II and III. We called our “The Adventures of Hot P” and it was about a blog that wanted to became human so he could have sex. It was silly but brought back a lot of memories.

We also visited Dinky Town, played and beat Halo 3, and played a lot of other games. We also went to the Walker (modern art museum).

I returned on Sunday and as I was flying over San Diego I noticed a number of forest fires. So, I land in San Diego to have it burning down around me… again. Four years at almost the exact same time of year and exact conditions we had a huge forest fire. Now I got to experience it all again. It wasn’t as bad this time because I was 8 miles from the two forest fires. Monday and Tuesday were extremely intense as people were evacuated and we couldn’t control the fires. Even though I wasn’t in danger I had a lot of friends that were in danger of the fire. While I was at work everyone was glued to the internet or radio and constantly updating the google map of the fires.

Everything is fine now but it was a crazy experience. No one got much done at work and everyone is looking forward to normality.

Last Saturday it was Stephanie’s turn to conduct a date night and the evening I was suppose to propose. For the evening we hopped on the train to San Juan Capistrano (a little town in Orange County about 60 miles North of San Diego)which was a lot of fun in itself. We arrived at 2:30 and visited the old mission for a few hours. Next we stopped at a wine bar and then headed to dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant called El Adobe where I had a really good burrito.

It would had been at the restaurant that I would have proposed. Strangely, there was a huge reception in the room below us.

We killed the last hour walking around and then having a coffee at Starbucks. Finally, we hopped back on the train and headed home. A delightful evening that was a lot of fun.