All posts for the month September, 2007


Back in 1994 I went to see the Smashing Pumpkins during their Siamese Dream tour. I went with my friend Tim and it was my first concert without adult supervision (the previous concerts being Bon Jovi and MC Hammer with Vanilla Ice). On our way there I remember discussing the music Tim and we kept referring to the lead singer which at the time we did not know his name. To help the conversation we gave him the name Bobby Johan. The name stuck for about five years.

I saw Smashing Pumpkins for the second time almost 13 years later at SDSU Open Air Theater and they were just as good now as they were then if not better. I went by myself this time and had a seat unlike the 1994 concert where I got to push my way to the front and get sprayed down by a security guard to keep everyone from over heating. However, the rows were not clear and at one point a guy said I was in his seat. I asked him if this was row “J” (my row) and he said it was row “H”. I hopped one back and that guy said I was in his seat and that I was now in row “K”. I was kind of frustrated that I went from row H to K but hopped one more back where there was a gap. Made me wish for the old days where I could push my way forward instead of having people whine me backwards.

Still, I had a blast and the Smashing Pumpkins put on a great show.

Gateway Con

For Labor Day weekend I attended Gateway which is part of Strategicon, a gaming convention that is held three times of year near LAX. I attended GameX which was a few months back and had a great time. This time I decided to attend Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday started with a fun game of historical BuffytVS in which we played Muskateers trying to protect the Slayer and fight evil. After that I got to run “Guess Who is Coming to Dinner.” A World of Darkness oneshot I created and ran for a group of friends a few months ago. They loved it so I decided to run it at the con. It went really well and I was told by one player it was the best con game she had ever played and it was the first time her husband actually got involved in a rpg.

Sunday I played in “Executive Decision,” a game where you take the rolls of the presidents cabinet (I was the Chief of Staff) and try to convince the president to choose a specific direction on a issue according to your own agenda. It was fun and different. After that I played in a Star Wars: Spirit of the Century game which was the best con game I played in.

Overall, a great experience and I look forward to next years LA gaming cons.

Also, I bought Stephanie an engagement ring on Monday. It has diamonds and glitters.