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Stephanie and I got engaged Wednesday night. I didn’t exactly propose to her but I had been planning on it. My original plan was to propose on date night.

Date Night is something Stephanie and I do a few times of year where one of us plans a romantic evening. It was Stephanie’s turn to plan date night and I was going to propose during it. However, Wednesday was one of those deep conversations about marriage where she felt I would never ask her. In a moment of weakness I revealed my plans and since the gig was up I asked her right there and she said yes.

So, there you go. We’re getting married.

Parents in San Diego

Earlier this month my parents came down to San Diego for the weekend. We went up to Torrey Pines Park, visited Bodies and Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit and went to the final Acura Classic tennis tournament where Maria Sharapova defeated Patty Schnyder.

It was a lot of fun having them down with no special occasion like wedding or thanksgiving getting in the way. We got to play some tennis go to restaurants and basically do whatever we wanted.

Not much else is going on. I’m taking a javascript/ajax class that goes until the end of October. I’ve been running a superhero game that has been going well and allowing the kids to GM the library game.