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Comic Con 07

Comic Con was great this year but it started off a little rough. My original plan was to go half a day Thursday and Friday and then all day Saturday. I decided to pick up my badge on Thursday at 12 but discovering that the line wrapped around the convention center I decided not to go and take a full day on Friday.

On Friday I picked up my badge at 9:30 (with no problem) and headed in at 10 when the door opened. I walked the dealers hall for about 3 and half hours when I ran into Joss Whedon at the Dark Horse booth and got my picture with him.

After that I went to the Neil Gaimen panel and then back down to the dealers hall to hang out with my friends Albert and Jenny for an hour. I then headed back up for a panel on Vertigo Comics and then after that a panel on the new “Babylon 5: Lost Tales”, the new B5 direct to DVD movie which had JMS and Bruce Boxlightner.

On Saturday I went with my friend Jonathan and his friend from out of town Dale. Once again we hit the dealers hall for about an hour and then went to see the panel on Laura K Hamilton who write cheesy vampire fiction. After that we went back down to the dealers hall (which wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be for a Saturday) and then got some lunch.

Next was three more panels including “The Women of Battlestar Galactica”, “Futurama”, and “Joss Whedon.” The Futurama was the best panel as they handed out little comics and had all the voice actors from the show do a live reading.

Overall, a great con. Can’t wait for next year.