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Make Your Store More Portable.

Every week my company sends out an email ad to our customers. This is stuff for a retail store and usually is our latest items in our catalog.

We recently decided to create a new category where we put items by a store type such as clothing store, sports store, jewelry store etc. Our first one was a portable store which was also a way to push one of our newest products, portable display cases.

When creating these ads we usually just have a picture of the product but in this case we are pushing a store type so having pictures of a bunch of fixtures doesn’t help much. We needed a picture a swapmeet/flee market or convention booth. We couldn’t find any decent pictures on shutterstock or google. So, we ended up using this one.

End of Wedding Season

I had three weddings to attend this year (friends Albert and Jenny, Erik and Emily, and my brother Jonathan and Sonia) and I just finished up my brother’s. I’m not a big wedding fan because I always feel uncomfortable at them. There are a ton of strangers so you tend to form in clicks and hang with the people you know and then say “hi” to the bride and groom when they pass by.

My brother’s wedding was even more overwhelming as I knew too many people and felt like I had my attention pulled in three directions. Twice I mistook someone for someone else which was embarrassing. I don’t function well with extended family in general but I was able to hold it together for this. However, it is all behind me and I don’t have to worry about such things until the next surprise family get-together.

I say all this and yet I made this post a few years ago about my friends Jonathan and Michelle when they had their wedding. I still stand by that I had the most fun at this wedding which didn’t feel like a wedding but more like a party.

Tool, 4 Years, RPG meet

Last weekend was Rpg-Sandiego Roleplaying Meet III. Every spring a local message board focused on rpgs gets together to play games. We had a huge turn out this year with 6 games and over 20 people. There was a ton of food and it was great visiting old friends and meeting new ones. I ran Rippers (Savage World system) and it went ok. I only got to stay for half because I had to pick up Stephanie from the airport. Other games run were Feng Shui, Dark Sun (Castles & Crusades system), Serenity, Spirit of the Century, and Wild Talents.


Last night I went to see the band “Tool.” I’ve wanted to see them for awhile and finally got my chance. They were originally scheduled for March 20 but got postponed. They opened with a band called Kanid which was a metal band san singing. I didn’t really care for them as a song would start out well but end in a typical metal mess. Tool was great and they played out the full version of their songs including 10000 day parts 1 & 2. The most impressive part of the show was the visual effects which including a lot of video and a great laser light show.


It has officially been four years since I moved to San Diego. The last year has been stable in that nothing really ground shaking happened. For that past year I have been with Stephanie, worked at the Trio and generally lived my life on a regular schedule.