All posts for the month March, 2007


Stephanie and I got a professional portrait done. Well, as professional as JCPenny has to offer. Neither of us happy with it but it was the best of the photos they took. I think what I dislike the most is how un-natural we look.

What about the New Post

It has been over a month since I posted anything so I thought I would today. Not a lot has been going on. I’m still dealing with server/hosting problems at work but at least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I recently went into the dentist. I’ve determined that I have bad teeth because I brush twice a day and floss but still have problems. I have four new cavities and it has been 2 years since I got my last ones filled.

Gaming has been a lot of fun. I recently finished up part 1 of my Mage game which is a school for Mages. I have run a similar Mage game and thought it would work perfect for my current group. I got to do some experimental roleplaying in which we had a time loop adventure (like the movie “Groundhog Day”) and an adventure where one PC died and didn’t know it (like the movie “The Sixth Sense”). Both adventures were a big success.

I happy about the daylight saving time because now I get to play tennis on Wednesday afternoon. Well, I will. I had to work late last Wednesday.

That sums up March. I have a lot of things coming down the line including “Tool” concert, two weddings, and my trip to England/France.