All posts for the month January, 2007

Quartet, The New Office

This post has been a long time coming and I’ve just been lazy about putting it up. For 2006 the company I worked for kept growing until we got too big (again) for the building. This time we couldn’t add on to the back so for a few months we looked for a second building and found one about two blocks down from the road.

At the beginning of November we moved into the new building which houses the design department including web guy (myself), graphic designer (Steve), marketing guy (Adam), copy editor (Eric), guy (Tim), and the Albert (Albert) who does a little of everything.

Part of this move was for a new company called in which Tim was hired. is a new website which will sell surf art. There is currently a blog up and it should go live at the end of January and we are all excited about it.

The new office is great as it isn’t just a new office but a new direction for the company. We are no longer just a retail design and fixture company but a full web marketing company. We now have meeting where we talk about what cool stuff we could sell on the web, gather those ideas and try them out. We call ourselves Quartet and the only other live site we have is retailmob which is a user content driven site for retailers. We also redesigned “Crowd in a Box” which is a site that sells inflatable extras for movies and advertisements. If you are super bored and want to check out the sites here they are.

Christmas and New Years

I had a nice Christmas. I didn’t do a lot but got some time off and spent some of that with Stephanie’s family. First, with her mom, Margo, who came down on Christmas Eve in which we exchanged gifts and had dinner. Stephanie made Shepard’s Pie and Grasshopper Pie (apparently a family tradition). After Margo left our friends Jonathan and Michelle came over and we spent the rest of the evening with them.

On Christmas we head up to LA (Hollywood area) and spent time with Stephanie’s father, Phil, and her extended family just like we did last year. I had a lot more fun this time as I knew everyone and felt a little more accepted.

New Years was uneventful and we went to bed early.