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Magic Mountain

On Saturday I went to Magic Mountain with Stephanie and a group of friends. My past with amusement parks have been off and on. When I was a kid there was an amusement park called “Western Playland” in El Paso. It wasn’t very big but had all the basic rides plus a medium rollercoaster. I hated the rollercoaster and didn’t go on it until my third time there when I got pressured by my Webelos (mini-boyscouts) group. I ended up liking it and from the point enjoyed medium rollercoasters.

However, I would not go on extreme rollercoasters. When I was 15 I was with a girlfriend and her sister at Kings Dominion in Virginia. I went on a few rollercoasters but could not bring myself to go on the one where you stood up.

Fast forward to the last few years and I have been going to amusement parks a lot. Disneyland twice, California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm, and now Magic Mountain. At Knott’s there was at least one rollercoaster I wouldn’t go on. At Magic Mountain there were about 10 I wouldn’t go on.

It was one extreme rollercoaster after another and though I was expecting this, I didn’t really comprehend it. The group was all ready to do the most extreme rollercoasters except me. We started on a rollercoaster called “The Viper” which wasn’t as bad as some of the others but still freaked me out having never done a rollercoaster as my first ride.

After the Viper we ended up waiting two hours to get on our next ride due to a ride breaking down. Overall it was an alright time and I had fun on some of the rides but constantly felt like I was dragging everyone down. I kept encouraging everyone to go on the rides and I would go on smaller rides by myself but this didn’t really happen.

I did enjoy a ride called the “Ninja” which was a fun rollercoaster the skimmed along the ground and fly between pillers. It could be the best rollercoaster I had ever been on.