All posts for the month August, 2006


Last week Stephanie and I went to Chicago for our vacation. This is partially due to there being a livejournal meetup so we decided to combine this and sight seeing into one event.

We flew out last Wednesday. We were a little nervous because of the security warning and as a result left an extra hour early. There was no need for this so we got an extra hour of sitting around. We arrived in Chicago around 6pm, got our hotel and something to eat.

On Thursday we got up and headed out. We hopped on the “El”, the public transit train in Chicago that is amazingly efficient and got us everywhere we needed to be. We headed to Navy Pier and went on the Architecture Cruise, headed to a bar on top of the Hancock building, saw a street show and then met up with livejournal friends, Paul and Nancy, who took us to a nice Pizza restaurant. We then hung out at their place until 3 in the morning.

On Friday we got up around 10am, hopped back on the El and this time headed to the art museum. It was raining lightly and even though it was raining you wouldn’t get wet. I thought this was very cool. The art was neat and I liked the midevil Christian art where baby Jesus looked like a little man. We then headed to the livejournal party where met up with everyone then watched “40 Year Old Virgin.”

Saturday was livejournal day. We met up with livejournal people at a Mexican restaurant at 11. After lunch we killed time at the mall and then saw “Snakes on a Plane” which is a bad movie but a good experience. After that we headed to livejournal members house for another get together where we watched two horrible movies: “Old School” and “Wedding Crashers.” No one seemed to be enjoying Wedding Crashers so everyone left for karaoke. I had never done karaoke but decided I would and went up to sing “Under the Bridge.” I ended up having a lot of fun and ended up getting very drunk. We got back to the hotel around 2pm.

The next day I was a little shaky. We headed for the Field museum for King Tut and other exhibits. I don’t know what the big deal with King Tut is as it wasn’t any better then the other exhibits we saw on Africa and Evolution (yeah, dinos).

Monday we rented a car and headed out to Madison WI. It wasn’t a bad drive but I wasn’t use to toll roads so they messed me up. We went to meet up with Joe and had a good time getting lunch and drinking beer on campus.

Finally, Tuesday we flew back exhausted and I think it was a great vacation. Now it is time to plan for next year, as I want to go to Europe, probably England and possibly France. I have money saved and made an appointment to get my passport next Wednesday. w00t!

7-5 7-5 Sharapova

Yesterday Stephanie, Jonathan, Michelle, and I returned for our second Acura Classic Tennis Final. It was Maria Sharapova (4) vs Kim Clijsters (2). We had a ton of fun and it was a lot better then last year. We left earlier and had lunch at a little French place in Carlsbad and then headed to the tournament where they had a little tennis convention out front. From there we took our seats but were ready with hats, water, and sunscreen.

The tournament itself was a lot better with two top players. In the end of the first set there was an amazing rally that lasted almost a minute. Here is is described from

Sharapova, the 2004 Wimbledon champion, and Clijsters played one incredibly long point with Sharapova serving for the first set at 6-5. The point featured a number of outstanding shots and saves on both sides before Sharapova drove a forehand into the net. The crowd erupted into a prolonged standing ovation as both players struggled to catch their breath.

We stayed for the doubles match which was disappointing. A blow out 6-2 6-2. However, it was made ok but my little snack of beer and ice cream dips. After the match we met up with Erik and Emily and had Thai food.

We are now looking into going to Indian Wells tournament. Apparently the girls want to watch some mens’ tennis, of course, I could watch the girls play all day.