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Comic Con & Date Night

Last weekend was comic-con. It was a lot of fun. This time I took half days and Thursday and Friday and went with my friend Marc. We started on Wednesday for preview night and walked around the dealers hall. I discovered one of my favorite comic, Red Star, was back in print and Marc was excited to stop by the Privateer Press and Neo-Tokyo booths.

On Thursday we continued our journey in the dealers hall and spend most of our time shopping and got dinner around 5. On Friday we saw Battlestar Galactica panel and I discovered the 50% graphic novel booth.

On Saturday I went with Erik, Jonathan and Michelle and we arrived around 10am. It was packed around 1pm they weren’t selling anymore tickets. I spent most of my time in panels or watching indy movies. After that I was exhausted and decided to call it a con.


This Saturday was Stephanie and my second date night. Date Night is a night where one of us takes a turn to be romantic and spoil the other. A few months ago I started it with dinner and dancing which did not go well. Stephanie had ran a hard run and her back hurt.

This time it was her turn and it went a lot better. Stephanie started out with buying me four bags of M&Ms that say “I love Chris.” She then took me to African Singing in the park with wine, cheese and crackers. We had dinner at a great restaurant called “The Linkery” which served gourmet sausage. We finished it off at a fancy dessert place.

Wow, wasn’t even Valentine’s Day. Now it’s my turn and the pressure is on to come up with something as romantic as that evening.

Thurston, Eddie and Tabitha

Last Friday Stephanie and I headed down to Cox Arena for the Sonic Youth/Pearl Jam concert. We got there about 30min before the concert and I picked up a Sonic Youth t-shirt.

The concert opened with Eddie Vedder coming out with a mandolin and playing a short song and then he announced Sonic Youth who I thought were great, even the noisy parts. Stephanie would not agree as she decided to get up and leave for a bit and pick up a Pearl Jam shirt she thought would look cute on her. SY only did songs from there new album “Rather Ripped.”

Pearl Jam came on soon after. By that time the arena was packed and they rocked the house with tons of songs and two encores. The great thing about the show is that Eddie Vedder use to live in San Diego so he knew a lot about the town and would name off suburbs with ease. He told a story about this teacher he had and how the proceeds from the concert tickets were going to a theater that he was building in his name up in Encinatas.

Later in the weekend I hung out with Tabitha who I hadn’t seen in years. She was a friend in Las Cruces who is a bigger anime dork than me. She came down to San Diego for a convention on how to teach The Constitution. On Sunday we hung out at the beach with a few of her coworkers and then went to the anime store where she bought 19 mangas. We then went to Misuwa which is a Japanese grocery store with a bunch of little Japanese mini-stores inside like a toy store (manga, anime, models), appliance store, book store, kitchen store, and a little restaurant were I got a rice ball and a taiyaki (sweet pastry shaped like a fish).

On Monday a bunch of us headed over to Niban Sushi restaurant that I frequent. I had dinner with my close friends Jonathan and Michelle and Tabitha along with her friends Veronica and Less came along. We even headed over to the gaming store afterwards but less refused to go in because he said it was too geek for him.

Good Weekend and Kids

Last weekend was nice and relaxing. I ended up getting all four days off so that was nice. On Saturday I played some tennis and went to see Superman. On Sunday Stephanie and I went to see a play “Fully Commited” which was a one man play and hilarious. On Tuesday we went to our friends and had a barbeque.

I’ve noticed that the one man plays I’ve seen have been real good. I’ve seen three of them and they all have been entertaining but “Fully Committed” had to be the best so far. It is about a phone receptionist who takes reservations for a high class restaurant in New York. Not only does the actor play the receptionist but also everyone he is talking to. So, the actor is basically talking to himself but playing different parts doing so. It took about a minute to get use to it but after that it was a great ride.

My D&D program for kids at the library is going strong. I have gotten a steady group which might change at the beginning of the new semester. Anyway, here is my current group: