All posts for the month April, 2006

Geeking Out in Vegas

I ended up returning to Vegas. My Friday night gaming group thought it would be a great idea to go to Vegas and roleplay there. At first I was indifferent toward it and eventually did not want to go. However, I was convinced otherwise and before I knew was driving to Vegas at 5:00 Friday afternoon.

We arrived at 11:30 and it took forever to check in to the Riviera. We then headed out and ended up at “Treasure Island.” We found a lounge, ordered some drinks, pulled out Changeling: The Dreaming and proceeded to roleplay, drink, and smoke until 3:30 in the morning.

Next day we headed out around 11am and headed over to the Aladdin for the breakfast buffet but it had already switched over to lunch so we ate at a restaurant. We then went to see the Matt King Magic show but Matt wasn’t there and we saw his backup who was very funny. Got some drinks and a massage at the Aladdin.

We returned to our hotels and then headed over to the Hilton for the “Star Trek Experience.” This was the coolest themed event I had ever been to and I really got sucked into it. We also got dinner at Quark’s Bar and talked to a Pharangi and a Klingon.

After that we took a taxi down to Fremont street and then returned to watch the Billagio Water Show. After an exhausting we walked back to the Riviera, got a quick drink and went to bed.

Next morning we got the buffet at our hotel, stopped by the General Gamblers Store and then headed home. Overall this trip was more fun then the last for a number of reason. Things that bothered me about Vegas before weren’t bothering me this time. We had a plan and were with someone who had a good idea of what to do. The Star Trek Experience was awesome.

Family in Town

Family visited over the weekend. When I say family I mean my immediate family plus everyone on my dad’s side. It was sort of a family reunion in San Diego. The main reason for this is that my cousin is currently stationed in San Diego so we have two members of the family in town.

At first I was dreading the event as the last time I had a lot of family visit my home town I had a melt town. It was much better this time. My parents and brother arrived Friday evening and we went out for Japanese. I then took my brother bar hoping. We went wine tasting in Temecula on Saturday. Sunday we had breakfast, walked along the beach and then did the family reunion thing at my cousins house. Monday I took half a day off and hung out with the fam at The Del, and in Old Town.

Overall it was good to have them down even though it was sporadic causing some confusion.

Baseball in Style

We didn’t plan on going to another baseball game until the Seattle Mariners came down to San Diego sometime in July. However, Stephanie’s boss said he had tickets for the game and if she wanted them. Stephanie contacts me to see if I want to go and I say sure.

We end up hopping on the trolley and heading down to Petco Park. We get to the stadium and head up to the special area called the Toyota Terrace. We then walk into the Kyocera corporate booth to watch the game.

This rocked. There is someone watching the booth and checks your tickets, then opens the door to let you in. You walk into what looks like a living room. The entire thing was catered with fancy hotdogs, spicy chicken, cobb salad, layered bean dip, cookie, beer the works. There were couches on the inside along with a plasma screen to watch the game.

You then walk from the living room out into stadium seating. Each booth has two rows of 6 seats. You get plenty of legroom and you have a little table in front of you. You can see the game perfectly and just in case you don’t like to stare at the stadium their are TVs mounted in the rafting directly above.

As luxurious as the accommodations were the game was sad. Padres lost to the Rockies 4-12. Still, it was tons of fun and a great experience. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again.