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Kicken Party

Saturday night I had a great b-day party. It was at Uno’s in Pacific Beach. Steph called ahead to let them know we would be there. We got there a little before 6 and headed upstairs to the bar. Soon after Andy showed up. It was the three of us for about 20 minutes and I started in on the beers and Andy got me a shot of the hard stuff. Everyone else showed up soon after and we headed down stairs.

We ordered a couple pizzas and I got pretty drunk. It was a lot of fun. Afterward a few of use headed down to Cheetas (the strip club) and hung out there for an hour. I went home after and watched an episode of Dr. Who which my brother gave.

B-day 06

Today is my b-day. I’ve survived 3 decades and am doing fine. I’m looking forward to my 30s. I want to say that my 20s zipped by but that is not the case. They went on forever.

from Stephanie on the mirror this morning 🙂

Tennis and the Whale

Last week Stephanie, Erik, Michelle, Jonathan and his dad, and I went Whale Watching. A bunch of us had the rain checks from last year. However, this trip wasn’t as good even though we did see a whale, well, at we got to see it spray up about 2 ft. Very anticlimatic and Stephanie got sick.

On Friday I rented two racquets. A Wilson N-Code 98 and a Babolat Aero Pro Drive. On Saturday I took them out and hit with them and decided I liked the Babolat more (which also happened to be $60 more) and Stephanie bought it for me for my b-day. I pick it up today strung and ready.

This is all to get ready for the big tournament in two weeks in which my tennis group is suppose to play the UCSD Chinease Tennis Club. I playing doubles with a guy named Tan. We played together for the first time on Saturday and did ok. We won our game 6-4 (0-6) 6-2.

Yesturday I went ahead and put a deposit down on a Scion xA (manual, silver). I’ve been going through the process of buying a new car for over a month now and looked at a number of vehicles. I decided on this one because I wanted something compact with decent mileage but still looks and feels good. Also, Scion had fixed prices so I didn’t have to worry about haggling. Actually, I was pretty much sold when the sales guy told me he can install and ipod hook up and I can change the songs using the steering wheel. I also get 9 free months of Satellite radio. I pick up the car in two weeks.