All posts for the month January, 2006

Nothing huge has been going on. I’m currently thinking about buying a new car. I’ll being going to the credit union soon to see if I apply for a loan. If that is successful then I’ll probably be getting a new car soon. Else, I’ll be waiting a year and fixing up my new car.

In the past few weeks I went and saw: Brokeback Mountain, Transamerica, Underworld Evolution and a play: Biederman and the Firebugs. “Biederman” was a disappointment and was real hokey without any charm. Things like the Greek chorus would distract from the action instead of add to it.

I did finally start my PHP/SQL class. I was suppose to take this last fall but due to some confusion in my schedule (accidentally signed up for the Outlook class) I wasn’t able to. However, everything is fine this time around. The class is 100% online and is basically, read the book, read the webpage, due the assignment. The due the assignment is the important part.I don’t find programming and webdesign fun, but I means to an end to present information. So, the only way I’ll learn web technolgoies is if I have a project to present something or I have to work for a grade.

So, I found that the web class is perfect for me because I can’t teach myself something unless their is a grade at the end.

Nothing else really going on. January has been real slow with just normal stuff like tennis, and rpgs. Some good stuff coming up include my 30th b-day, new car, new tennis raquet.

Now, Sports

On Sunday Stephanie ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon. What made this different was that I decided to tag along. This required that I get up a 4:45am with her. We got up, I turned on the essetial coffee maker, luckily remembered to put some clothes on and headed out.

We got there right around 6:00 and met up with her running training group who had a pavilion. Somehow we managed to kill 1 1/2 hours. About 10 minutes before the race started Erik met up with me and we head for the start line. The race starts and about a kazillion people poor out. After the start Erik and I head for breakfast.

We get back about an hour later, the 1st place guy for the half marathon had just come in. We watch for an hour as more people poor in until Stephanie comes around just over 2 hours. I yell out to her but she doesn’t seem to notice. Then Erik yells out with his uber booming voice and she waves.

On Saturday and Wednesday I got to play a bunch of tennis which was fun. Saturday I played around 3 hours and found out my group has tournaments which they had the final that day. I got to play a singles game both days and did real well.

New Year ’06

Upon reading the blogs of some friends Kurt and Joe have both had really good years. I think I have, too. This I find funny because we are all pretty far seperated geographically. Why would we all have good 05. If GWB had been removed I could have blamed but that but alas, no such luck. Is it the economy, or did we all just get our shit together. Who knows.

Anyway, I ended up having a four day weekend. I went and saw two movies: Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and Munich. Saturday I played some tennis but had to cut out early because Steph’s mom was coming at 11am for lunch. When I got back I found out she wasn’t coming. Stephanie and I went to fun party at Liz and Andy’s where we had a blind beer taste test. I got trashed after tasting 10 beers and had to slow down. Sunday I hung out with Erik and got a call from work saying we had Monday off. So, I stayed home and took it easy watching movies, and reading.

So, I look forward to the new year. I don’t have any big expecatation nor am I making any resolutions. I’ll stick with the little goals a constantly make for myself.