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Christmas Wrapup 05

I am finally recovering from a cold which more or less lasted the weekend and I slowly felt a little better each day. I had a good Christmas anyway.

Friday night I took Stephanie to Mr. A’s. A fancy restaurant (possibly the most fancy restaurant I’ve ever been to) for her birthday dinner. We even dressed up. However, upon dressing up I could not find my good shoes so we had to drive out to the storage unit and find them.

Saturday morning I wasn’t feeling much better. I got up and did some last minute Christmas shopping because Stephanie’s mom was suppose to come down for dinner. Unfortunatly, she got real sick and decided to stay home. I also found out the Stephanie’s mom and I both got Stephanie the same gift. So, I returned and bought a wireless router and set up my computer and Stephanie could use her laptop anywhere in the apartment. We spent the evening listening to a Christmas “Prairie Home Companion” and eating Zeti, an Italian dish that was a Christmas Eve tradition in Stephanie’s family.

Christmas morning we opened gifts and layed around until we had to drive up to LA to have Christmas dinner with Stephanie’s dad and the rest of the family. I got to meet aunts, uncles, and cousins who were all real friendly.

My favorite day had to be yesturday when my old friend Kurt came down to San Diego. Kurt, Erik and I hung out most of the day and we drove around getting sushi and stopping by the gaming store, frys, and the beach. Finished up the day by having some Mexican food and a margarita at “Casa de Pico.”

I got sick on Monday. It was bizarre because normally I feel it coming. This time it just hit me, one moment I feeling great, next I’m all sick. I took half they day off on Wednesday which was the night we were suppose to see Santaland Diaries which was written by David Sedaris.

I had to see this play so Stephanie, my stuffy head, and I went to see the play. It was a lot of fun. It was a single act play that was originally just a short piece by David Sedaris. It was all about a 35 year old guy who is looking for work as a soap opera actor but ends up working at Macy’s as an elf in Santaland. Well performed and brilliantly written. It even had a nice set which it didn’t really need. The acting and writing were so powerful it could have just been the actor on stage.

When we got back Stephanie’s parking spot had been taken again. About three weeks ago someone parked in Stephanie’s spot while I was gaming. When I got back she was frantic as she had the car towed, but the owner came out and insisted that the car was in her spot (she lived in unit 32 and therefore parked in spot 32). However, this was not the case. She ended up bringing the cops into it and the cop requested that Stephanie bring out proof of the parking spot. This is when I walked in while she was shuffling through her mortgage papers looking for parking documentation. Stephanie finally found it after the car and tow truck left.

Two days later the woman comes banging at our door a 5:30 in morning. We answer and she tells us someone us towed her vehicle and came to the door because she knew that Stephanie was on the board. Later, Stephanie requests and receives the documentation of all assigned parking. We thought we heard the end of it…

Upon see the car once again parked in Stephanie’s spot she decided to knock on her door first. Stephanie rings the doorbell, on one answers. I knock on the door… no one answers but the door creeks open. We shut it and once again tow her car.

At 6:30 this morning we hear ring and knocking at the door. We answer it and once again it is the woman upset that we towed her car. She said something about her roommate being confused and how the entire thing has been confusing and if it was her she was just move to another spot instead of towing a car. We don’t feel sorry for her and tell show her the spot she is suppose to be in. However, she claims that she got towed from her designated spot. We tell her it isn’t our problem and she should get it figured out. If she parks in our spot we will tow her. She left pissed.

Holiday Parties

On Saturday I had two holiday parties to attend. One was hosted by a Weight Watchers coworkers of Stephanie’s, named Michelle. The party was a potluck and there was a ton of great food. Michelle made sure my glass was full. After and hour I had two glasses of wine and then show brought out the eggnog/rum mix and I had to partake of that. At the time the started an “Aggresive Gift Exchange.” We couldn’t participate because we had to leave for the other party soon. However, 5 minutes before we leave Michelle comes up to me to take my glass and comes back with it filled with more eggnog/rum. When we left I was pretty fucked up.

And we arrive at my company Christmas Party. It was being hosted by our General Manager. I was already stuffed and drunk but that didn’t stop me and I drank and ate more. We did another “Aggresive Gift Exchange” but this time we got to participate. The game is too much fun with silly gifts that you get to steal. I ended up with a box of wine, and Stephanie ended up stealing a “My Girl” DVD to get the game rolling. However, the gift I put out got some attention as it was a TRIO-Bear from cafepress which had our company logo and a retail fixture on it.