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Thanksgiving 05

Last Wednesday Stephanie and I left for Las Cruces, NM for Thanksgiving. We arrived in El Paso around 1:30pm and my brother picked us up. Stephanie got to experience the wonderful drive from El Paso to Las Cruces, including the stinky cow farm on your way into town.

We got lunch and then took a tour of town. We also stopped by “My Bookstore” and I had again brought used books with me. I grabbed a few books and Stephanie grabbed 4 or 5 and cut herself off. Now she knows the true power of My Bookstore.

We drove around town a little more getting the official Las Cruces overview from my dad who stopped and picked Stephanie her first cotten flower. We then went and ate at El Patio, famous for it New Mexican cuisine. I got a burrito covered in Red Chili that I ended up paying for the next 2 days.

On Thanksgiving I played tennis with my dad. We then sat around and watched football and bad movies and had dinner.

On Friday we went to Carlsbad Caverns as it is the coolest thing in NM. I think everyone had a goodtime as the Caverns are just amazing. Later that evening Stephanie had caught a cold which made her feel bad for the rest of the trip.

On Saturday she got enough energy to head out to White Sands which just the two of us headed out to. We didn’t spend much time there as the sands are amazing but there isn’t anything to do unless you want to slide or jump off dune, or maybe go Jesus and walk into the horizon (I’ve actually seen two people do this).

The wind had just started to pick up when we decided to leave. We could see the sand getting kicked up. We stopped by the visitor center and as we walked out it was blowing hard. As we drove over the pass we could see the entire Valley was covered in dirt. The wind continued all night keeping me up until 2:30am and went through the next day.

On Sunday we took it easy because it was windy and Stephanie was still feeling bad. We did get breakfast out and I had a breakfast Casadilla with green chili. I normally never eat green chili but they gave it to me and it was ok.

We got back exhausted and glad to be back in our own bed.

Inbetween moving I decided to take a break and head out to Gencon Socal. However, this time it wasn’t to be all fun and games, this time it was to work with the team at Dream Pod 9. I have always wondered what it was like to work a convention or in the gaming industry and this way I can do both.

I left on Thursday around 11:30 just finishing up a Jovian Chronicles adventure I was going to run at the con. I got there around 1 and after checking into the hotel room we picked up our badges and then went to set up our booth. I had never seen a convention in the set up stage with forklifts, boxes, trash everywhere. It took us about 2 hours to set up.

When we finished we headed out to dinner and I ran into some friends, Andy and Andy who I game with. After dinner I met up with them at the “True Tavern”, which was a bar dressed up like a tavern and the lights were turned low. After that we got tickets for True Dungeon and then a few of us went over to Downtown Disney.

Friday we headed over to our booth at 10. Working the booth was boring as it was real slow both Friday and Sunday. At 1pm I went to run my Jovian Chronicles game but I only had one player show up, one of the Andy’s. Later Jonathen went up to run Tribe 8 and no one showed up for his game. We were both annoyed. Later in the evening we did “True Dungeon” and then had some pizza.

Saturday morning I played in a Shadowrun game which starts in 3rd edition and ends in 4th (both rules and setting). I spent the rest of the day working the booth and at 7pm we went to run a 12 person Heavy Gear Miniature tournament. I ran a got the guys some taco bell (there was no time to stop and eat) and then went to get a burger and beer with the Andys and another friend Mike.

Sunday I got up early again to run Jovian Chronicles and again no one showed up. Ditto for Jonathan’s Tribe 8 game. Stayed until 12 and then left.

Total Swag from con: Dreaming Cities, Delirium and supplement, Burning Wheel, In Spectres, some Vampire tES cards, 2 Dork Tower graphic novels.

When I got back I got some dinner with Stephanie and then it was off to the Nine Inch Nails concert again. It was fun and they finished the show. Best effects I’ve seen at a concert. I loved it.

This weekend was really busy. For the past few months Stephanie and I had been discussing moving in together. We finally decided that I would move in the first weekend in December. However, most of my stuff was to remain in my old apartment and I was to continue paying rent there. This created a buffer just in case things didn’t work out.

At the beginning of the month my roommate tells me he is moving out. This creates a problem because next weekend is Gencon and the weekend after that I going to Las Cruces to visit my family for Thanksgiving. This means I had to get everything moved this last weekend.

I rented some storage and moved some book shelves and my dresser to Stephanie’s. I then moved my desk and bookshelves to the storage unit. All the loose stuff I am slowly moving by car.

My roommate decided he didn’t want any of the furniture or appliances so starting today I have to get rid of those. The entire thing is a pain in the ass and would have been much more conveniant if I could have done it next month.

I did find time to fit in a play entitled “Frankenstein 2.0” which showed at the Sledgehammer Theater in downtown. It was a modern retelling of Frankenstein where Mary Frankenstein creates her monster from seven dead prostitutes after her mother kills herself. The play follows the traditional story in an interesting way.

This could have been a kick ass play and had tons of potential. But instead of trying to tell a coherant story it decided to get over artsy by blasting you with different types of media, from music and sound, to video, special effects and acting that did not mesh well. To make it worse you would go from classical Shakespearean acting and dialogue to a more realistic variety. The character of Mary Shelley could have been completely removed and only served to complicate things even more.

I really wanted to like this play whos individual parts were amazing but when brought together didn’t stay together.