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Pratchett and Ninjas

For the past few weeks I have been scheming. Stephanie has a livejournal entitled “Pink Ninja” which she named after I said she looked like a pink ninja while she was wrapped in pink sheets over a year ago.

Joking around I kept saying what would a pink ninja do. This inspired me to make her a t-shirt with the pink ninja theme. I decided to share the final picture of the shirt with her readers on livejournal. The shirt was a success and a few of her lj-friends showed interest in ordering one so I created a cafepress account which can be found at PINK NINJA t-shirts. Once one of her friends ordered a shirt I decided I had to have one and of course we had to have the pic.

Also, this weekend I met Terry Pratchett. I’m not a huge fan but I have read a few of his books so I stuck around to get a copy of his new book, Thud, signed for my friends Erik and Emily who are big fans.

First Tennis Lesson

Yesturday I had my first tennis lesson since I was 16. I didn’t have much problem finding the group this time. As I walked up one of the coaches (Costa) he was complaining about a group of students who went to court 14 and then left and that it was their fault. Not sure how he felt when I mentioned I was one of the students on court 14.

I was in a group of six who were with coach Marco and we started working on swings. We worked on reverse hitting where you position yourself opposite of what you would normally do. And then worked run through shots. We also worked on serves, volleys, and overhead (god, I suck at overheads) and also played the classic tennis drill game.

The game consists of two people on one side of the net and everyone else on the opposite end. The coach would feed balls the were from the drills and you would have to hit it and play it out. If the side that was fed that balls wins 2/3 you replace the two on the opposite side of the net. If they loose they go to the back of the line. This is my favorite game and I like it just as much now as I did when I was 16.

I also got a hell of a work out. By the end I was sore, sweaty, and had tore some skin on my right middle finger. It was great. Can’t wait until next week, but I have to buy some tennis shoes.

MARCO: Chris, are you wearing Vans?
ME: yes…

NIN and the Corner

Last Friday was the “Nine Inch Nails” concert. A friend of mine, Nathan, and I met at Fashion Valley Mall which had a trolley station. I grabbed something to eat and we hopped on the trolley. We pulled up to SDSU at 7:10pm. The concert started at 7:30 so we weren’t in a big hurry but still trying to get there in time. We talked to a security guy who was bitter because he had tickets to the show and couldn’t go.

We got turned around and showed up a little late and missed most of the first act. I’m not sure who it was. I bought a shirt and then we went back in for “Queens of the Stone Age.” I didn’t care for their music but the lead singer was funny. Nathan thought he was drunk because they got better the longer they played.

NIN finally came on and the show was awsome. The best concert I had ever been to was a NIN show back in 1995. This one looked like it was going to top it. I say “looked” because about an hour into it they shut everything down and you could hear Trent say there was a medical emergency with the drummer, Jerome.

We waited awhile and then the lights came up and they announced the concert was cancelled. They did say we could hold onto our ticket stubs and they would be back November 20th so I get to see them again 🙂

In other news I was walking back from the gym Sunday morning. I had done some grocery shopping and got a smoothie. I walked up to the corner of Ingraham and Garnet which is a wierd intersection. I have been heckled twice there.

As I walked I prepared to cross the street. Two women had just finished crossing and the walk signal had just switched to blinking red hand. There was a small SUV at he corner that looked like it was going to turn right but wasn’t using a signal. I step out in front and start to walk across.

About half way across I hear someone yelling at me. I turn around and see a guy yelling at me. His bald and a little heavy. He is turning red with anger as he is screaming about how you can’t walk on red, only white. My first reaction is to flip him off but he is still going berserk.

Well, he hit a button in me and I yell out “Fuck you! You want a piece of me!?” and started walking toward him like I was going to fight him. At the moment he jerked the car forward like he was going to go but stopped. I stopped. He checked for traffic and then zipped off.

Tennis Downers

After 13 years (since I was 16) I have decided to start up tennis. I have thinking about it for awhile but could never afford lessons and didn’t feel confident enough to find players. So, I would play with friends occasionally (had a good run of tennis with Joe).

A week and a half ago I went to the Barnes Tennis Center and signed up for two months of lessons. I was incredibly anxious and really wanted to get out there. Yesturday I headed down to the tennis center with my raquet, and dressed ready to play. I got there a little before 6pm and saw a sign that had the classes listed on it and I saw mine “Intermediate Adult 14.” I assumed the 14 meant “court 14” but I asked the guy at the desk just to confirm.

I headed out to court 14 and waited around for awhile. No one showed up so I went back in and found out the class didn’t start until 6:30pm. Woops. So, I walked around and stretched, watch to kids practice and then headed back down to court 14 where there was a woman. She was also in the class so we talked. A bit before 6:30 she ran back into the building to go to the bathroom. During that time an older man walked out also looking for the class. The woman came back and three of us chit chatted for a bit. Around 6:35 our instructor had not shown up so the woman went in and asked what was going on. She was told that Marco was a little late and should be out soon. So, we waited another 5 minutes. The old man had some tennis balls and we all hit until 7pm.

By 7 we were fed up and headed back in. We talked to the guy and suddenly it looked like he had an idea. He run outside, and then runs back in saying Marco was here. He was on court 13 with 5 or 6 other guys. I’m thinking, WTF, how could that happen? All three of us walked up to the front desk and asked the guy where the lessons were. And then it occured to me that we were all the newbies. All the guys out playing were in the glass before and knew who Marco was and I’m assuming the court 13 is the court he normally practices on.

We all rescheduled so technically I start next week. At least I’ll have a slight idea of what is going on and I got to hit some balls.