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Up to LA

I have lived in San Diego for almost two and half years and in that time I have never made it up to LA. The closest I’ve gotten was Anaheim for Disneyland and Gencon Socal. Due to a bunch of wierdness at work I ended up having to go to LA.

At work a bunch of people are taking time off and as a result people are scarce. About once a week my boss has to drive up to LA to take care of design work. He always takes someone with him so he can use the HOV lanes. I have never gone one one of these trips but this time I was the only one who didn’t absolutely need to be at the office. So, I was drafted.

We left at 6:30 yesturday morning, stopped by the office and then got Starbucks and gas. I ended having to drive as my boss talked on the phone and worked on a computer. The problem was that I was driving a Suburban which was huge and made me a little nervous driving it.

We made it to downtown LA around 9:30 and stopped by our fixture supplier. We picked up a few french mannequins and a lot of shelve brackets. My boss then drove into Simi Valley to the Reagan Library which we arrived around 11. We helped unload a truck of tables and fixture units and started to lay out the gift center. The problem was that a painter was slowing down the process. So, we had to do a lot of waiting. We were suppose to get out of there around 2:30, we didn’t leave until 4:30.

We stopped at “Jack in the Box” on the way home and I realized it had been almost a year and half since I went to a fast food restaurant. I got a small hamburger and a small shake. Both were pretty gross.

My boss drove half way and then I brought us back. We got in at 8pm and I was exhausted. So, my first trip to LA was pretty boring but interesting as we drove through a lot of downtown LA and the surrounding area (taking shortcuts to avoid traffic). And, I got to hang out at a conservative memorial, lucky me.

Seattle N Stuff

From Aug 8-12 Stephanie and I went up to Seattle, WA. Emily gave us a ride to airport and by 4:00pm we were in our hotel. I gave Nate a call and we had dinner at the “Barking Frog” which was real nice. On Tuesday we got up and visited the Seattle Center which included the Music Experience, Scifi Museum, and the Space Needle. In the evening we had dinner on the bay. The next we met up with an internet friend, Jessica and we all went to the Underground Tour which is a look at old Seattle that is under the city. We later walked around and went shopping. Stephanie and I both got Tom Bihn Bags and later visited a cool book store, toy store, and Pikes Market.

On Thursday we headed back down to the bay and visited the aquarium and then went on a bay tour. After that we had a great lunch on the bay where I had an oyster. We then headed up to the Seattle Library (which is state of the art and really cool). Finally, on Friday we checked out at 11am and had to leave our bags at the hotel. We headed to the science center which was more for kids and then went and saw a movie. We got back at 12pm.

The rest of the weekend was suppose to be filled up by Gamefest which I was running two games. However, the event was so poorly planned that I only had one person show up for each of my games so I couldn’t run at all.

Overall, a great 9 days starting with the weekend of Aug 6th with Jack Johnson, on Sunday was the tennis match and I picked up a 60″ TV from my friends Andy and Liz. The 8th-12 was Seattle and then a relaxing weekend with a dissapointing Gamefest.


Ok, my blogged just got spammed and I’m annoyed as hell by this. Unfortunatly, as far as I know there is no way to remove comments in blogger. To prevent future spamming I am going to “registered users” on comments so if you want to comment you have to sign up. If it continues I’ll switch to only allowing members of my blog to comment which I might do anyway.

Jack Johnson, TVs and Tennis

The weekend was pretty eventful. It starts out with a Friday game of Pirates where two friends that I game with: Liz and Andy say that are getting rid of a 60″ TV. Both myself, and another player, Albert, blurt out yes. Albert just managed to get in his yes before me but his girlfriend gave the big no. All I had to do was pick it up.

On Saturday I was lazy and layed around but during the evening was Jack Johnson. The reason I put the link is because just about everyone I mention it to says “Jack who?” The funny thing is that I had no idea who he was until Stephanie introduced him to me. However, the concert was packed. The closest thing I can compare him to is Tom Petty or Dave Matthews and though I’m not a fan I do enjoy his music.

Sunday was crazy. It starts off with picking up the TV. I met up with Andy (not the one who gave me the TV) who had a truck. We drove down to Encinitas and after about 40 min managed to get the TV in the truck and tied down. We finally got it back to my apartment.

By this time I was running late for the finals for the Acura Tennis Classic, a womens pro tennis tournament held here in San Diego. Stephanie and I went with Jonathan and Michelle. We got something to eat and headed up to our bleachers. The stadium was pretty small so we still had a good view.

The first match was a disappointing 6-0, 6-3 Mary Pierce of France against Japan’s Ai Sugiyama. The second match was a doubles tournament between Conchita Martinez and Virginia Ruano Pascual against Ai Sugiyama and Daniela Hantuchova 6-7 (7), 6-1, 7-5. This was very exciting as the two were very close but duruing the final set the let everyone come to the front seats since so many people left after the singles final.

Pride and Pirates

Last weekend was very piratey. I started of on Friday I went to the first Pirate rpg the used GURPS. Then on Saturday was the Gay Pride Parade and festival which included a pirate float. Finally, on Saturday night Jonathan, Michelle, Stephanie and I went to see “The Pirates of Penzanz.”

Pride was tons of fun and that parade was the best one I’ve ever been to. There is soemthing special about Pride that felt safe and wild at the same time. I really got into it and took over 50 pictures which I have never done. Erik and Emily went with us to the Parade and just about everyone got sunburnt.

After the parade Stephanie and I walked to the festival which was about a mile away and a long walk in the sun. I bought tickets and lunch and we watched Male flag twirlers and then a feminist folk singer for awhile. After that we walked around and as expected most of the booths targeted homosexuals. Most of them were political but everyone was having fun. The one booth I did stop at had a sperm towel that you could win so I played the “spin the wheel” game. I didn’t win the towel but I did get a dog tag with a hunky cowboy on it.

Stephanie and I only had a few hours to rest before we were off to the musical. “The Pirates of Penzanz” was a disappointment. The music and dancing was alright but it was hard to understand what they were saying and what was going on. I what I could understand was silly but I did have fun hanging out at the Moonlight theater again in Vista. Stephanie was so tired and bored with the musical she fell asleep during the second half.