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One Year of Steph

Apparently, I have been dating Stephanie for a year now. I say apparently, because I don’t remember the exact date but she did. So, July 28 2004 I met Stephanie for the first time at a Cafe in Pacific Beach. We later had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant and then walked along the boardwalk.

It has been a great year that included a lot more dates including movies, Padres, camping, Disneyland, and Vegas. We now stay at her place on the weekend and that has been working well.

The future also bodes well as we have our Seattle trip in about week and we are currently making plans to visit Las Cruces, NM for Thanksgiving. Who knows what else will happen but I have high hopes because we get along really well.

Some classic moments from the past year

Comic Con 05

Comic con 2005 was a lot of fun. For the first time I preregistered for all four days. This let me go to preview night on Wednesday. So, after work I headed over to the con and hung out for a few hours to help set up the Dream Pod 9 booth which Jonathan was working at. There wasn’t much I could do so Michelle and I ran and got something for everyone to drink. Right after that I had to leave to meet up with Stephanie.

The next day I got to the con around 11am. I met up with the DP9 booth again and noticed that only Jonathan and Robert DuBois (marketing director of DP9) were working. Oscar (who was suppose to help) couldn’t until Sunday so I offered to get them anything they needed and stopped by regularly. I walked the convention for awhile I took a look at the Firefly rpg which looks a lot better than I thought as it isn’t going to be d20.

Around 12:30 I decided to get Jonathan and Robert something to eat and ended up going with Eric, my old roommate who had disappeared last November. We got to talk and I got an idea of what he going through so it was good to talk to him. I had to hurry back because I had a photoshop panel (coloring comics) at 1:30.

After the panel I met up with Scott, Dede, and Dede’s brother Alex. I then walked around with Scott for awhile until another panel about essays on pop culture came up. After that I walked around and hung out with the DP9 crew until 7pm and then we all jumped on the trolley and head home and then to Hodads (local burger joint with awsome hamburgers).

The next day I got there at 10 and the doors weren’t open. When they did open I beelined it to the DP9 booth where I helped out. I sat around and answered questions until about 12:30 and then got lunch with Albert, his girlfriend Jenny and their friend Ping. After that I was back at the DP9 booth until Scott came by around 3:30 and I got a cup of coffee with him and then bought con tickets for Stephanie, Erik, and Tom (who was to help with the con on Sat). I left a little after 5pm.

On Saturday Stephanie, Erik and I got their around 11:30. It was packed, more crowded than I had ever seen it. The three of us managed to wonder the dealers room staying together. It took us a few hours to wonder the area though we didn’t get a good look at anything. We then met up with Scott and company for a bit. I was planning on going to a Firefly panel but as we headed to meet Scott I noticed a huge line. I stopped and asked what it was for and the woman told me it was for Firefly. So, I skipped that and went to a Graphic Novel panel with Stephanie.

After the panel we did some last minute shopping and left. We decided to have dinner at Old Towne, then we went to Stephanie to watch Erik’s “Red vs Blue” DVD. By that time I had enough and didn’t go back on Sunday.

Overall this comic con wasn’t as good as last years. It was fun but the surprises and excitement from last year were lacking. The panels weren’t very good either. I’ve decided that next year I’ll probably go on Friday and Sunday, and skip Saturday completely.

On Broadway (the club)

On Friday Stephanie, Jonathan, Michelle and I went to the dance club, On Broadway. On Broadway, from what I gathered, is the premier club in San Diego as all the club goers I know always recommend it first. As a result I have avoided it because I’m not interested in the “premier club”, I just interested in having fun dancing. However, one of Jonathan’s coworkers said he could get us on a guest list so we decided to go for it.

First I had to get some new clothes. I hate clothes shopping but didn’t want to look like I was dressed for work. So, we all headed down to Old Navy which I had never been to. I got a pair of khakis, a red t-shirt and a button down shirt that goes over it. After that we ate a California Pizza Kitchen and then headed back to Jonathan’s to get ready.

By the time we finished getting ready it was 10:30 and we decided to take the trolley. Luckily we bought tickets just in time for the trolley to pull up. On Broadway was a block from a trolley station. We got in line (apparently it isn’t difficult to get on the guest list) and Jonathan went up and talked to a host. He told him we were not on the list but gave hime two half price tickets. This did not bother us as we planned on paying $10 a person to get in which is what the half price ticket offered. However, we only had two tickets for four people. So, I went up to the guy and told him I was on the guest list and got two more passes.

We headed in and after getting lost in a hip hop room we ended up in the tecno room. We got some quick drinks then headed for the dance floor. I think everyone enjoyed dancing for 30-40 minutes. We then took a break and by the time we got back on the dance floor it was too crowded. After about 15 minutes we left.

Again we managed to jump right on a trolley. We relaxed until the trolley reached the Old Town Station and announced it was its last stop. We got off and asked if there were any more trolley and the guard said no. We were only one stop away from out station so we had to walk about a mile to get back to Jonathan’s. At one point a guy jumped out of a car at a intersection and headed toward us quickly. Both Jonathan and I jumped thinking he was going to attack us but he curved and headed into a Taco Shop. Must have been real hungry.

Even though I had fun dancing I didn’t care for atmosphere of On Broadway and I do not think I’ll go back. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a fun, no meat market club to go dancing at.

Also, this weekend I want to see “War of the Worlds” and had breakfast with Stephanie’s running friends (there was a group of 20). I always feel uncomfortable at these things as it is always huge groups and I don’t know anyone but Stephanie. So, I didn’t say much taking a don’t speak unless spoken to attitude.

Turning Up the Heat

This 4th of July weekend I went with Stephanie to her dad (Phil) and Lupa’s house in Lancaster which is a dessert community about an hour outside of LA. We left around 11am and got there about 2pm. It was around 95F out when we arrived.

We got the full tour of the house which was real nice. It was two stories, three bedroom, 2 1/2 bathrooms and a nice yard in the back. We spent most of the time talking. Actually, it was mostly Lupa and Phil who are retired so they have been going on a lot of trips. We also got to see a lot of slide shows.

On Saturday we went and saw “Guess Who” then we had dinner with Stephanie’s aunt and uncle. Even though the days were almost unbearable outside (reminded me of Cruces) the evening were nice. We sat outside until 9:30 and the temperature was fine. We also got in a few bad movies because in the evening we would sit down and look through the movie channels. There was usually only one movie starting at the time we sat down so we would watch it.

We left around 12:30 on Monday and got back around 4pm. Stephanie and I were tired when we got back so we sat around and watched movies.