All posts for the month May, 2005

Slow Weekend

Not a lot happened this weekend but on Friday Stephanie and I went and saw Pageant. A full review can be found here: Review of Pageant.

The rest of the weekend was layed back. Stephanie and I stayed in on Saturday and I actually took a nap. On Sunday I was suppose to get surfing lesson from my roommate but he bailed so Stephanie and I went to the beach and read.

Keeping it in High Gear

As soon as I got back from Vegas my old roommate and good friend from New Mexico, Erik, show up in San Diego to find an apartment so of course I had to hang out with him. Wednesday night we went to World Curry, a bar, the beach and then back to my place to catch him up on gaming books.

On Thursday we went to play an “Unknown Armies” oneshot which was a lot of fun and again got to talk a lot of gaming and hang out. It was the first quality game that Erik had been in awhile so he was really excited and it looks like he will be joining us regularly depending on his schedule. He had also found an apartment by that time.

On Friday we went down to Old Town and met up with Jonathan and Michelle for margaritas and mexican food.

Since Saturday was the weekend I met up with him around 10am and we went down to La Jolla and ate at the IHOP. I ended up parking in the 1hr section and it took us about an hour to eat. When I got back I noticed my tire had been chalked and knew not to mess around as my brother got a parking ticket in almost the exact same spot but parking was real bad at the time and I didn’t want to drive around looking for another spot. So, I backed up about 6 in right on top of the chalk. We then went to the beach and hung out for awhile. When I got back I didn’t get a ticket but my tire hadn’t been rechalked so I don’t know if I outsmarted the meter maid or not.

After that we headed for the movies and caught “Kingdom of Heaven” which was ok. Orlando Bloom sucked, the guy who played the head muslim kicked ass. After the movie we relaxed at the “Living Room Coffee House” in Hillcrest which is a couple blocks from where Erik is moving.

After that we had dinner with Scott and Dede and got to chat with them and play with the baby. I have actually been taking echinacea and vitamin C because everyone around seems to have a cold and Scott and Dede, and baby Conner were all right in the middle of it.

After that I dropped Erik off as he had to leave the next morning. This gave me a chance to relax on the weekend. The other strange thing was that I spent the entire weekend at Stephanie’s because I have officialy moved in for the weekends which was convenient as last weekend was PB Block Party. I’m glad I avoided it as I heard it was insane with drunks abound by 3pm and my courtyard was litered with beer cans, a beer bong, cigarettes and cigars. Beer boxes and cans litered the streets of PB.

I noticed I got somewhat frustrated having to return to this (and my dirty apartment) after the quiet relaxed living at Stephanie’s. However, this weekend hopefully things will return to normal and I can get some laundry done.

Hole in the Desert

I ended up surviving Vegas. After all the hype I was sorely disappointed. It was like a giant expensive carnival. I really don’t see the point. I had my fill (within the first night) and have no need to go back.

We left for San Diego around 2pm on Sunday and arrived about 7:00. The traffic was pretty bad on the strip so it took us about 20min to get to our hotel. I used Priceline to get our hotel which was “The New Frontier” a rundown place with a country western theme. The first thing I had to do when arriving in the room was kill a moth.

We didn’t waste anytime and jumped into our evening clothes for a night on the town. NO plan we just went ahead. We went looking for something to eat, went in and out of Treasure Island, and then ended up at the Mirage where we ate at a deli. Problem with the deli was that the sandwiches were too big. We decided to split a BLT which must have had a pound of bacon on it. We had to take most of it off.

We then stopped at a little bar that had live music and we got drinks. When the music ended we decided to leave. We walked down the strip for a ways and ended up at the Bilagio where we found a dance club where you could keep your seat if you went up to dance. We really liked this place and stayed there until it closed at 1pm.

The next day we got breakfast at Treasure Island then proceeded to go casino hopping. We started with the Wynn and headed down the strip stopping at The Venetian, Paris, and New York. This absolutly sucked as there was nothing to do, the casinos were repetative, boring and fake. You were constantly harassed by sales people, and guys passing out escort cards not to mention the constant advertising. By the time we got back to the hotel we were exhausted and miserable. We took a 4 hour nap.

When we woke up we decided to see a show. Stephanie wasn’t particular so I chose one called “Bite” which had vampires. We walked down to the Stratosphere, payed to go up the elevator, come back down grabbed something to eat and saw the show which was fun and silly.

The next day we grabbed some Starbucks and hauled ass out of town. Vegas makes itself out to be money but it felt like an overpriced circus or carnival. Even the expensive casinos had a trailer trash feel to them. Overall the evenings were more fun than the days with the dancing and the show being a lot of fun and everything else sucking.

San Diego, Two Years

May 1st 2003 is when Maya and I packed up and moved to San Diego. Of course it feels like it was five years ago that we moved here because so much has happened. I remember Maya saying that it takes two years to really get settled. Well, I’m defianitly settled and feel great about where I am.

What has happened in two years.

  • May 1 2003 – Moved to a 1-bedroom apt in Lakeside.
  • June – Maya gets a job w/ Wayne Foster Entertainment
  • July – I get a job w/ Silver Lining Mortgage, Joe comes to visit
  • Augest – JR, Robin, and Lee visit and go to comic con, Go to Game Fest and meet Erik
  • October – Ceder Fire
  • November – Maya and I go back to Las Cruces for Thanksgiving
  • December – I got to my first Gencon. Get fired from Silver Lining Mortgage. Start doing temp work
  • February 2004 – Get a part time job w/ Susan Gilbert doing data entry and graphics, First Champions game
  • April – rpg-sandiego meet up at Fiesta Island
  • May – Maya and I seperate. I start working at TRIO Display
  • June – I move in with Eric and Claudine
  • July – Comic con
  • Augest – I start dating Stephanie
  • September – Jonathan and Michelle get married
  • November – Erik disappears. Jorma becomes new roommate. Family comes down for Thankgiving
  • December – Second Gen con. I return to Las Cruces for Christmas vacation
  • March – Stephanie and I go to Disneyland and I have my first meeting with Maya

  • May 2nd – today

A lot has happened. I have no regrets about moving to San Diego and love it here and I have so much to look forward to including weekends with Stephanie, Vegas, and Erik moving down. This is not how I expected San Diego to turn out two years ago but I glad it went the way it did.