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Live Journal

So, I decided to create a livejournal account and post in that. It is mostly for the community aspect of the page and because Stephanie is a big player there. I still plan on updating this one but keeping it focused on major events (keeping things like the Invisible Boat for Livejournal) or things about moi where my livejournal will be pointless opinions about rpgs and movies. So, if you are really bored and want to read that one you can find it here:

Live Journal

Hippity Hop

I had a busy weekend. Starting with Friday Stephanie and I wanted to do something a little different and it had been awhile since we tried dancing. We decided to go to a dance club in the Gaslamp District downtown. I knew nothing about the clubs down there so asked my friends and got a consensus on two places: The Broadway, and E-street Alley. The Broadway seemed extremely popular so I thought it might be more crowded and decided to go to E-Street Alley.

Before the club we ate dinner with Mark, his g/f Nancy and there friends at a place downtown called Pokez which was a whacky place with a skater/punk/mexican decor. The food was good and we had a good time. Mark and company then left and Stephanie and I headed to a coffee shop to kill some time.

We then ended up at the club and had to stand in line for about 10min. We headed down to the club, $30 cover for the both of us and we were in. First thing I did was get a glass of wine. We looked around and couldn’t find a tecno dance hall, only hip hop. After awhile of trying to figure out what was going on we headed into the hip hop dance area where no one was dancing and it was already 11. I then convinced Stephanie to join me to shake my bootie hip hop style… well, not really. We danced but like two white washouts as everyone around us was thrusting there asses into their partners crotch and grinding. We did this for about 45 minutes then left. I later found out that we were in the right place but somehow missed an entire section of the club.

The next day was all about roleplaying. A local online forum for rpgs decided to put together a 12 hour gaming extravaganza. I got there around noon and left at midnight. Everyone had a good time and I ran Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and played in Adventure!

Finally, on Easter I met Stephanie’s mom and her husband, Ken for the first time. I was pretty nervous but it went fairly smoothly. Stephanie and her mom get along really well and they hadn’t talked in awhile so they got to gossip and catchup while Ken and I quietly listened commenting every now and then. We had ham, cranberry stuff, and pasta salad that was good. I got an extra bonus as Stephanie had used horseradish for the cranberry stuff and I got to put it on my home. Remind me of New Mexico.

The Office

The display business has been doing extremely well and recently doubled in size both physically and in employees. Last Monday we were taken by chaos as we hired a new guy and I had to stay an extra 3 hours to help rearrange our area.

The next day resulted in much drama. It started with having to set up all the computers, then the server crashing, and the phones not working correctly. Then the new guy kept leaving which pissed off one of the sales guys. The new guy then gave his payroll information out loud and we discovered he was making more money then the rest of us. The caused the sales guy to call the management who were at a convention in Las Vegas.

A number of conversations took place resulted in the new guy calling the sales guy a big baby on the phone, the sales guy pulling him outside and other such nonsense.

And what did this all result in. A raise for me!!!! I didn’t even have to ask for it. So, I get insurance this Friday and my raise next pay period.

An Invisible Boat????

I received another Valentine from Stephanie with the message that she didn’t get the joke. I looked at it and didn’t get it either so I’ll post it here for my millions of fans to decipher and either explain or guess at the meaning.

Meeting with Maya

I met with Maya, my x-girlfriend, on Sunday for lunch. Needless to say I was nervous. I hadn’t seen since she helped me move into my apartment back in the middle of June 2004 and soon after that almost completly cut off contact after I received an email from her saying she did not want to see me indefianitly.

A month or two ago I decided to email her and see how she was doing which led to an exchange of emails. Maya than asked to meet with me and I agreed after checking with Stephanie to make sure she didn’t have a problem with it.

Yesturday I drove up to “Island’s” and saw her for the first time in 9 months. It went well, no drama. We talked for about 3 hours, mostly catching up.

I found out that she isn’t happy living in San Diego and is joining the Peace Corp and teach kids english for 2 years with plans to return to California (San Fran) as a teacher.

I discovered that I still like talking to her but understand now that seperating was the best thing for us. If she was staying we could have possibly even been friends. We’ll probably meet up again and I’m currently in negotians for buying some of her stuff before she moves.

Sleep Debt

Well, it looks like I am going to be paying off some debt this weekend. On average I wasn’t getting bed until 1:30-2:00am. For some this is no big deal but I normally go to bed around 11:30-12:00am.

It started this Monday with my roommate Jorma. We would go to bar in PB (Pacific Beach) on occasion but hadn’t done so in a while. I ended up having a long day at work staying at extra 3 hours trying to set up our network. Once I got back Jorma and I decided to make up for lost time. I planned on one, maybe two beers but Jorma was buying and he had just broken up with his girlfriend. Four beers later (I know, I’m a light weight) we are wobbling home. Of course we are excited and trying to start a party in the courtyard, the ones I that keep me up. This fails but I end up lending a movie to the girls across the way who humoured us for about 15 minutes. The rest of the night consisted of sobering up and playing video games until 1am.

The next evening I decided to take it easy but the same girls did not. A huge party broke out and I was in no mood for it so I tried to ignore the party. I didn’t want to call the cops because those girls had my movie and for some reason I thought I wouldn’t get it back. I ended up taking NyQuil, stuffing my ears with cotten and eventually falling asleep around 1:30.

The next evening was a gaming night which didn’t go well. After the game we decided to discuss the game and after that one player and myself stayed up for another hour and I got to bed around 2:00.

Thursday evening was my Vampire: The Requium game which was a lot of fun but it went to 11:30 and I didn’t get back until 12:30. The second I closed the door another party broke out keeping up till 1:30.

This morning I woke up exhausted with a sinus headache (maybe a mild migrain). I know I’ll be cashing in and sleeping in this weekend.


Last weekend Stephanie and I went to Disneyland which was our second big weekend after the camping trip. We both took Friday off because we got 2fer tickets, or you get to visit both Disneyland and California Adventure for the price of one ticket. We headed out around 8am, got breakfast and zipped up to Anaheim in about 1.5 hours. We parked and headed on in.

Stephanie was excited as it was her idea to go. When she was younger Stephanie had visited Disneyland quite a few times and it had been awhile since she had gone. I wasn’t as excited because Maya and I went in January of last year because she knew someone who worked there and could get us in for free. However, we were going to “California Adventure” which is Disney’s new theme parked based off California.

So we headed through the gates full of glee that we were at the happiest place in the world. That morning we hit Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, and The Haunted Mansion. Lines on average were 30-40 minutes and I got a picture of the Japanese girls at The Haunted Mansion.

We then had gourmet peanutbutter and jelly sandwhiches I had made earlier in the day in the thought that food at Disneyland sucked, and was too expensive. I had also brought a bunch of water which wasn’t enough.

After lunch we hit Big Thunder Mountain, The Tea Cups, Alice in Wonderland,and The Matterhorn. We then got some ice cream, did the Matterhorn again, then It’s a Small World and finally hopped on the monorail to Downdown Disney and walked back to the entrance.

We then headed to our hotel at the Marriote Suites. Watched some Simpsons (a strange part was the Simpsons episode Homer and Marge go to a fancy retail mall that looked exactly like Downtown Disney while Lisa babysat Bart). We were on the same block as some restaurants so we ate at Joe’s Crabshack.

The next day we headed to “California Adventure” after grabbing some breakfast. Neither of us had been to the park so everything was new. We hit Soarin’ Over California first which I was nervous because it was video with motion similar to the Star Wars ride at Disneyland which made me motion sick. I handled it fine. We then hit Grizzly River Run (got wet), Mulholland Madness, Maliboomer (my first free fall ride), the ferriswheel.

Once again P&J sandwhiches then the rollercoaster California Screamin’ which shut down after waiting half an hour (with 10 min to go). So we went to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror which had only been open for a year or two. We managed to return to the California Screamin’ just when it reopened and almost got are exact same position. After that we headed to the bar, got some drink then headed home.

We had a great time but I think we got our fill of Disney and crowds as we saw some strange people including one guy who had a poor tatoo that read “All bitches ain’t shit.” At Disneyland you enjoy the rides and weep for humanity.


For the past 3 or 4 months I have been subscribed to Netflix. I must say I love Netflix. For those of you who don’t know Netflix is an online video rental service where you pay $20 a month and get to check out 3 movies at a time. As soon as you mail back one of your movies they send out another one. You can hold onto the movie as long as you want as you won’t get a new movie until you send the one your holding back.

A lot of rental places like Blockbuster have jumped on the monthly payment in order to compete but Netflix has one big advantage, selection. Blockbuster will have to stock new releases for all its stores and has a limited amount of space with the same movies in each space. This limits the selection of movies. Since Netflix is just a giant warehouse the do not have this problem allowing me to rent harder to find stuff like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

The site is a lot of fun, too. It allows you to rate their movies and then finds recommendations based on your rating. You can then create “friends” on Netflix which allows you to recommend movies and see what everyone else is watching so you know what fools they are for liking movies like “Dodgeball” and “Zoolander.”

Since I don’t watch TV (with the exception of the Daily Show once or twice a week) I find it works great. So, if you like to rent movies or anything really I highly recommend it. You can see my queue over in the right. I am also looking for more Netflix friends so if you have it or get shoot me an email through Netflix or normally.

Well, it looks like the first bit of news about Eric has turned up after his big disappearance. Nothing definate but there has been word that he appeared on the rpg-sandiego message boards at 1am in the morning. And the manage from Game Town said he called and that he was alright, living up North. He was also wondering if Mongoose Games (a gaming company) had sent him any product which I doubt because they sent a package to the apartment, and it required a signiture. Since Eric’s couldn’t be provided it was sent back and I contacted Mongoose with the information so they wouldn’t send anymore stuff.

If the claims are true then it is good to know that he is getting back on his feet. I have mixed feeling about him disappearing and now resurfacing. Of course I’m made that he just disappeared with my DVDs but I also realize he had problems as he did leave everything behind. I sure he must have contacted his family as I know they didn’t know anything (having received the calls from his family on the answering machine).

I’ll take the news as it comes and not go snooping. Though I am curious to find out what happened to him I don’t want to get involved with his life. I hope where ever Eric is he is doing better than he was here.