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Thanks for all the Turkey

My parents came down for Thanksgiving. Luckily I got all my apartment crap out of the way and just before they arrived my roommate and I took my old roommate’s bed and put it in the alley. We had a lot of fun and included: drive up to Mt. Soledad, drive to La Jolla, Thanksgiving at The Dell (famous hotel on Coronado), tour of boat museum, Hornblower bay tour, fun in Gaslamp, tour of Midway Aircraft Carrier, plus shopping and lots of good food.

Parents got to meet Stephanie which went well. I also got to go an have a few beers with my brother which was fun.

In other wierdness I had the worst headache I’ve had in about 5-6 years Sunday night. It started when I went and saw a movie called “Sideways” about two guys who go on a week vacation of wine tasting and golf before one of them gets married. However, the groom decides he wants to get laid before he ties the knot and hooks up with two women. One was named Stephanie and the other was named Maya. I think the irony was so overwhelming it gave me a migraine.

I’ve also subscribed to Netflix which I love. The selection is awsome and has a ton of the things I’ve been wanting to watch they aren’t available at video stores (Buffy!!!!)

It has been two weeks since Eric disappeared and I’m doing just fine. So far there has been no word as to what happened to him. I’ve managed to contact both sides of his family. For the past two weeks I’ve been cleaning out his stuff, throwing a lot of it away, keeping some of it and packing the rest to give to Eric’s dad when he came by last Saturday.

I also managed to contact Eric’s x-girlfriend who was probably the closest person to him for the past couple of years. She did not know anything either and I was the one to break the news to her. She managed to contact Eric’s best friend who also didn’t know anything. So, it remains a big mystery.

I have gotten a new roommate, Jorma who is cool. We seem to be getting along well. He moved in last weekend. And even though my life felt like it had been turned upside down briefly I managed to get through it with little to no problem. It came out just being a major annoyance especially in contrast to some of the things my friends have been going through.

Cell Phone Update

Ok, I have a new cell phone. It is still the old number. If you don’t have it and you want it please email me.

So I seem to loose cellphones or they break I me I have added a cellphone status. If it is good than that means I have a cellphone. If it is bad that means I do not.

I guess some things just don’t work. Relationships are bound to fall apart, jobs not work out and things just get crazy. My life as been crazy for the last year and half but I imagine that is nothing compared to what my friend and roommate Eric has been through.

As of Monday, November 1st 2004 Eric has gone missing. I got home from working in Hillcrest around 8pm, sat down to eat and noticed that about a number of my DVD box sets were missing. It was shocking and I tried to figure out what happened to them. I hadn’t been robbed, as other stuff would be missing and stuff would be thrown everywhere. I realized he had taken them and probably pawned them off (something he had done with his own DVDs just weeks before).

At first I was terribly angry and knew I was going to have to get into it with him and that we couldn’t be roommates anymore. That thought quickly drifted as I realized he probably wasn’t going to return. I stayed up waiting and watching TV and became more panicked as time went along.

I finally decided to go to bed but realized I was too freaked to sleep. I called my friend Jonathan and stayed at his place for the evening. The next morning I drove back and nothing had changed.

At work I managed to get ahold of the landlord, Steve. Steve told me that Eric owed over $3000 in back rent: $600 for September, $1200 for October, and $1200 for November.

I moved in with Eric after splitting up with Maya. As it turned out his girlfriend, Claudine, was moving to New York City in August and he needed a roommate. I had been gaming with Eric for just under a year and I agreed to it. Some problems occured when we couldn’t get our apartment right away and I had to stay with Eric and Claudine in there one bedroom apartment for two weeks. During this time I just gave Eric money to cover some minor costs in his old apartment. This would continue into our new place.

Once we moved into our new place things seemed to get better but Claudine and Eric were fighting more until one night they blew up at each other. After that Claudine would housesit or try and find other places to stay until she moved.

Once she left Eric became depressed. I wasn’t too aware as I tried to give him his space and did my own thing as I had just gotten over Maya. Perhaps I should have been more aware but within a few weeks after Claudine left Eric was fired from his job after yelling at a customer.

I was concerned but not very. His birthday had just come up and I was certain he would get help and support from his family. I met his dad around that time and Eric was quick to bounce back as he knew everyone in PB, worked dozens of places and was able to get a job in two weeks after he lost his previous one.

This was not the case. A month and a half would pass before he got a new job. During this time he would sell a bunch of his stuff, continue to collect money from me until he started working again. What I didn’t realize was that he was keeping the money I gave him and not paying rent at all. He told me that he wasn’t paying his half but Steve was cool and would give him until December to pay the back rent.

For whatever reason he dug himself the hole that he could not dig his way out of and had me fooled the entire time. I wanted to trust him as I had trusted roommates in the past. As of now I have found a new roommate and currently taking the steps to reset my living situation. Steve is letting me start from $0 as Eric never gave him the lease I signed.

I still wonder what happened to Eric and hope that he didn’t do anything drastic and that he figures out what he needs to. I hold no grudge against him and only wished he was more honest with me and his family so that we could have helped him.

Friends from the Past

Every now and then I think about people from my past. Usually friends from college or high school. Apparently, other people do the same thing, but go even further back because I recently received an email from my best friend when I was in the second grade.

I was flattered that I was remembered after, what 20 years. My friend Nathan Fisher (now, Nate Fisher) must have been doing some soul searching and decided to contact me. I do remember him.

Funny thing is my last memory of him is not a pleasant one. I remember it was the summer before I went into middle school and was riding bikes with my (at the time) best friend, Adam. We were both nervous about going to the new school and I decided to visit my ole friend Nathan and see what he had to say. We walked up to his door, and rang the bell. Nathan answered the door, standing in his robe and looked like he just woke up. He looked at us as though we were selling something. We told him why we came and he just shook his head and told us he didn’t have time for us kids and that he needed to get some sleep. He then shut the door and we left. Adam and I were pissed and he couldn’t beleive that he was once a friend of mine.

I havn’t thought about that day in a long time. I do have some fond memories of Nathan (he may call himself Nate now, but to me he is Nathan, and apparenlty he remembers me as Christopher). Many action figure filled days, exchanging presents during Christmas, and Little League baseball which I was awful at.

So, even though it was strange to get a message from a friend that I knew when I was 7-9 it was still really neat. And chance to look back and think about a time long gone and see what happened to those people that I once played GI Joe with.