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I thought I’d go ahead and wrap this up as the saga has finally finishes.

After awhile the guy calmed down and stopped trying to sue (probably found out he couldn’t) and decided to just send me the other guys package. Of course by this time I had already refunded him the money.

I managed to contact the other guy who I had refunded and told him what happened. He didn’t respond, for 4 or 5 days I waited for his message. Finally, it came and he said his package was destroyed!!!! I couldn’t beleive it, either the pissed off guy decided to take some revenge out, or the USPS can’t handle large boxes.

He said most of the books were good and he would give me $100 (of the $180 I had refunded him) and I quickly accepted. I took the $100 and sent it the original guy for part of his refund which was $280.

At the same time the insurance thing was going underway. It took almost two months but I did get a check from the USPS for $200. Very exciting, my first insurance payout. I immediatly pay the original guy his final $180 leaving me with $20 bucks.

Overall, I didn’t loose any money on the auctions, I broke even. However, I’m not sure if it was worth the mental anguish. I did however sell a series of RPG books on ebay before receiving the insurance check and they all went perfectly.

Capital Steps

I went and saw The Capital Steps last weekend. The Capital Steps are a comedy group, similar to Saturday Night Live except all their humor is based on politics and it is a stage show. Apparently, they are on NPR a lot but have made guest appearances on a number of TV shows. I had never heard of them but was still excited.

I had high expectations and was slightly dissapointed. They were a lot more “pop culture” than I thought they were going to be. About 50% of the show was singing a dancing which I don’t have problem with, I enjoyed two musicals over the summer. However, all the songs were pop songs in which they changed the lyrics to make it political and funny. Hmmm… who else does this but Wierd Al. It was amusing for awhile but got old fast, a lot like Wierd Al that way.

The other 50% of the show were skits that were a lot funnier than the songs. This was classic “Saturday Night Live” style humor with actors posing as politicians. It even stretched to a skit about Martha Stewart in prison in which I didn’t understand how it was political, just newsy. They made fun of Bush, Kerry, Cheney, Edwards, Clinton (both Hilary and Bill), Anne Colter, and many others. I got at least 90% of the jokes which means I’m a lot more aware of what is going on in the world than I’d like to be.

So, overall I enjoyed the Capital Steps. My favorite skit was one of the actors talking about current events but would switch the first two letters of words. This was extremely high humor but was hilarious if you could keep up as at times he would speak very fast, and my cognative process had trouble keeping up at times. The other thing that surprised me was the audiences reaction. Every person I over heard thought the Capital Steps were the best thing in the world. I could only chalk it up to NPR elitism or these people just hadn’t seen anything funny in a long time because like I said, funny but on par with Wierd Al and SNL.

Best quote from the show “Vote for Bush or I’ll kill the baby!”

On to other things. Just became a little more aware of current affairs. They had Madeline Albright on the Daily Show last night and I thought cool, she was part of the Clinton adminitstration and did cool things. The talked about her dealing in N. Korea and I thought it was all interesting.

I also knew that N. Korea was a problem with weapon of mass destruction and was more of a threat than say… ohhh Iraq. Now, what I didn’t know was the details behind it and that Jimmy Carter, the Clinton Adminstration, specifically Albright had managed to prevent N. Korea from developing WMD and they were close to introducing N. Korea to the rest of the world.

Then Bush got elected, said fuck it, attacks Iraq, freaked out N. Korea and they now have nukes. Maybe I’m over exaggerated but I feel that Bush has put us in a more threatening position than what we were.

Freakin Cell Phones

Ok, lost my phone again! Thanks to my man Lee for trying to keep me reconnected. I should have a new phone by Nov 7 in which my phone plan will let pick a new phone. They currently have a 2 for one deal so I might jump on that given my history with cell phones.

There is a slight chance I might still find it as the last time I used it was last Tuesday at 9pm in my apartment. I never left the apartment and realized it was missing right before I went to bed so it should still be there. If I find it I’ll leave a comment here.

So, if anyone needs to get ahold of me please email me and if you want you can request my home phone. I never answer it but you can leave a message and I should get it. You’ll be able to call again normally on Nov 7.

Ho downs and Dragons

A lesson in humiliation is suppose to be good a thing and a hope it is because Stephanie and I certainly made asses of ourselves last Saturday trying to dance at a Cowboy bar. Having learned the two step about five years ago I thought I’d remember how but realized that I didn’t. We asked a dance instructor how to go about it and she showed me, then I showed Stephanie. This resulted in us on the dance floor trying our best from not falling over.

However, we did not give up and kept trying to make it work. The dance floor became more and more crowded resulting in us getting more and more frustrated. If no one else was on the floor (which was small in comparison to others I’d seen) we might have been able to figure it out. But inbetween people swirling, bouncing and square dancing (yes, there were people square dancing while other two stepped around them) we didn’t have a chance.

The dance instructor, watching our peril pulled us outside to give us a couple more tips. After a quick 5 min lesson we were ready. The instructor said she would play a slower song so we could have an easier time. By the time we got out for the slow song the floor was so packed we could barely move. Try to actualy step, much less two-step was an act of futility. But the end of the song we finally had enough and left. We aren’t giving up though, either with some friends or a free lesson we’ll figure this thing out just to prove to all those damn yuppie cowboys that I do have rhythm.

On another note there is something about Dungeons and Dragons. Perhaps I’m elitist roleplayer but I suffered some form of shock meeting with a bunch of people who were straight D&Ders. Many of them were new (or inexperienced) to the game but they all wanted their Drizzt Do Urden, Dragonlance, Base Attack Bonus, level 5 elven wizard. Even upon suggesting playing Iron Kingdoms they scratched their heads and said “D&D with guns??? It doesn’t make any sense.”

So I, an uber-elite roleplayer have agree to play with these inexperienced D&Ders in hope to mold them into something great. An asset to gamer society. It is a lot of work but hopefully something positive will result from it.