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The Great Out Doors

So, I went camping this weekend. Stephanie and I headed out to Cuyamacca State Park (which had been burnt down a year ago and was starting to grow back), about 40 miles East of San Diego on I-8. We left around 5:30 and got their about an hour later with just enough time to check in, set up the tent before it got dark. We only stayed the night but a few interesting things happened.

– Cooking hamburgers became a slight challenge as the grill was too high above the coals and the bars spread far apart. The charcoal I brought was not adaquite so first I tried cutting open a can to use like a frying pan (in honor of Scott’s and my adventure at Elephant Butte). It didn’t work but tossing more wood on the fire did.

– Stephanie and I were talking, drinking wine and what have you and it started to get cold. I decided to put on a warmer shirt but first I had to restart the fire. This proved more difficult than I thought and I was only able to get it started by tossing in large weed. It started to crackle and I backed up, when it lit I jumped back and fell off the wall.

– Right after we went to bed a racoon got into our food.

Overall, pretty basic even though sleeping was tough. Quote of the trip “I feel like I just got out of a dryer.” Second quote “She got the elevator and I got the shaft.”

Tangent – We also went and saw Shaun of the Dead. Amazingly funny movie that everyone should see.

Wedding and Babies

Some exciting things have been happening. First there is Scott and Denise’s baby, Conner. Went and had a cigar with Scott to celebrate the miracle of life. So, props for Scott for getting his groove on and making something out of it.

Also, props to Jonathan and Michelle for throwing the most kicking wedding, EVAR! They threw tradition out the window and threw a great party. Lets start with the bachelor party.

Technically, the 2nd time I’ve been to a strip club in San Diego. The 1st time was with Scott when we came up to San Diego for comic con. We left at 1 in the morning and arrived at about 12 in the afternoon. However, the motel wasn’t going to check people in until 2 so we decided to kill time at a strip club our friend Shane recommended. However, the place we walked into wasn’t really a strip club, more of a pervert theater. The place had theater ceiling with the house being completly dark and the stage lit. You couldn’t see who was around you or what they were doing. Made me feel icky so we left after about a half an hour.

I have returned to San Diego strip seen in the guise of a bachelor party for Jonathan. A few of us went out, got some beer, sang karoke… well, I didn’t sing karoke (I wasn’t ready) but everyone else did. We left after the electricity went out and headed over to Pacers, the partially nude bar where you could drink. We found out there was a $10 cash only cover and I was the only one with cash. So, a quick detour to the wamu. Jonathan was then distracted by an adult bookstore so we had to visit that, where I introduced him to man’s greatest enemy, The Rabbit.

We changed our minds about Pacers and a few minutes later found ourselve at Deja Vu, the fully nude strip club. A quick run through the medal detector and $14 poorer I found myself beholding beautiful naked women. Of course I found that San Diego strip clubs are much more conservative than the ones in El Paso including a 3 ft buffer between the stage and audience and cover lap dances. This didn’t stop us though and we made sure the soon not to be a bachelor received his due, plus bonuses for the rest of us.

A few hours later we decided to give Pacers a second try as our buzz had worn off because you can’t drink at the fully nude club. Unfortunatly, Pacers was closing as we discoverd it was 1:30 in the morning. We returned to Jonathan’s, had one last beer and all returned home with visions of sugerplums and candycanes.

Two days later was the wedding. A few of us put a gift together entitled the “Essential Marriage Kit.” I went and picked up Stephanie and we headed down to Ocean Beach. Of course, thinking more traditional wedding, decided to arrive 15 min early. There was no one else there. We waited and discovered there were a few others waiting who were just as confused as I was. Others started to show up and Jonathan, Michelle and most of the immediate family show up right at 4 (when the wedding started). Of course it didn’t actually start as I realized this was a true Southern California Beach Wedding which once you’ve experienced it there is no going back. Oscar and his clan show up making an awsome enterance.

They than started the ceremony with Jonathan’s dad (an Episcopalian Priest) and step mom marrying them. Even though the two were lacking in tradition they certainly were not short on the symbolism as Jonathan was given his dad’s and mother’s marriage rings to be married by.

The cermony was beautiful and probably one of the best and most meaningful I had seen. Instead of being bogged down in bad music, and cluttering tradition you had a very honest ceremony. The audience faced the ocean which framed them nicely. The sun was coming causing some glare but was still amazing.

After the ceremony some pictures were taken. And than Michelle decided to throw her bouquet. I know what you’re thinking and even though it was traditional it was a mixture of single men and women. And yes, I did catch the bouquet, thank you very much.

After the ceremony we headed over to a place called “Tower Two.” A nice little Cafe/Bar where we partied for a good four hours. There was no bridge/groom table, no silly dances or DJs, just people having a great time. A let hear it for the coolest old people in existance who were all hilarious and tons of fun. I blame viagra. Quote of the evening:

Oscar’s Dad “So, have you managed to convince our son to vote for the right candidate.”

I ended up driving so I only had two beers, but Stephanie made sure to take advantage and managed to work four Pear Ciders. Taught her how to two step, apparently we have no rhythm. So, good luck to Jonathan and Michelle and thanks for throwing and wicked party.

Sex, Lies, and Websites

Well, let me start by saying I don’t have a problem with adult entertainment. A lot of it I find to be healthy and a good release for society. I imagine a world without porno would be a lot more violent.

Anyway, after first moving to San Diego I found it difficult to find a job as a web designer. As I noted in a previous entry that I was on top of the world people respected me for the work I did. Not so in San Diego. I was lucky to get a call back.

After a month of poor luck I started getting desperate and applying for any graphics related position I saw. One of those entries was “Video Editor for adult entertainment.” Well, I didn’t know what to think. Sounded interesting but did I want to get involved in the porno biz??? I asked Maya what she thought and she didn’t have a problem with it so I applied.

A few day later I actually got a call back from a woman who wanted to interview me. I couldn’t beleive it but it was the only call for an interview I had received. So, I went. The location of the interview was in a mansion and one of the things they liked was that I lived in Lakeside at the time, the same town as the porno mansion. So a quick drive into the hills of Lakeside and I manage to find the mansion. At first I didn’t see it as it was surrounded by a fence with a green cover completly hiding the mansion. I drove through the gate and parked.

The interview took place in a film studio part of the mansion near the pool. Inside there were computer and video equipment. Four people were there to interview me: the middle aged woman who originally called, a young man about my age and just as geeky complete with original Nintendo t-shirt, a heavier older man, and a european man who spoke English but with such a thick accent that the woman had to translate.

The questions revolved around my experience and to make sure that I was interested in the position, and not some pervert trying to make into the porno industry. The job itself was to edit video that would later be put on the web. Something I can do but wasn’t excellent at as I had only done it a few times. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job as they found someone who was more qualified but the woman said she liked me and would keep my resume on file.

And I thought that was the end of that. Not so…

Two weeks ago I’m working on the online catalog for TRIO Display when my cell phone rings. I pick it up and the woman introduces herself and says she spoke with me over a year ago. Didn’t click until she mentioned the interview in Lakeside. She asked if I was working full time and I told her yes, but curious I asked what the position was for. She said it was for “assistant to the director.” I asked what that consisted of and she asked me three questions (paraphrased).

Woman: Chris, you know how set up websites and do video editing?

Chris: Yes, yes I do.

Woman: Well, do you know a program called “livechat.”

Chris: No, but I’m sure I could figure it out.

Woman: Finally, do you know how to operate a camcorder?

Chris: Ummm…. ahhhh… no.

And I almost started coughing when she asked that. A camcorder??? For what, to film people having sex. Editing them for a website is one thing but actually filming them. Not sure I could handle that.

Needless to say I turned down the offer for another interview. I think it would be interesting to work in the porn industry but more as a summer program to see what it was like. I did make me feel great that the woman remembered me after over a year and had I not had a job I probably would have gone in.