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Comic – Con 2004

Ok, who I am kidding. One of the reason I moved to San Diego was because of Comic-Con. A four day event of complete geekdom. This would be my fifth time going. The first 3 I drove from Las Cruces, last year was my first con living in San Diego.

My first Comic-con was amazing. Like many I had never experienced anything like it. Not only was I bombarded by the sights and sounded that overwhelm. I was also star struck by many of the (semi) famous authors and artists that I had followed for years. I had gotten to meet the likes of : Drew Hayes, Kevin Smith, Alan Moore, and Lois Royo.

This is year has been great. Planned on going one day, ended up going two. Started off on Thursday when I gave the money to a friend to buy tickets on Friday. The next day I found out he wasn’t able to get the tickets. I feel panic. I had always preregistered for these events and had heard horror stories of it taking hours for on day registration to occur.

Three of us decide to get there early at 7pm. Already the line stretched around the convention center. I thought we were doomed. We waited for about 30 minutes until the lined started to move. It took another 15-20 minutes to actually register. I was shocked how quickly it went. We were all done by 8pm and had an hour to kill before the con opened.

Saturday was a ton of fun walking around and seeing everything. But this is not what impressed me. As I walked around I got to see a lot of my friends and aquantences that I had met after spending a year in San Diego. I was pleasently surprised by how many people I knew.

I also got to talk to the SCA and look into getting back into that (debatable right now). I also managed to get a 4 day pass from a friend who had borrowed it from another friend. This allowed me to return on Sunday…. but I had to work on Sunday.

A week before the con I went full time at one of my part time jobs. My other part time job wanted to me to keep working on weekends and freelance during the weekdays. I agreed our first day would be the Saturday of comic-con. It didn’t take me long to realize my mistake and I quickly fixed the problem.

But now I had to work on Sunday. I again had to call her a schedule to work a few hours in the morning so I could go see Joss Whedon talk about his new film Serenity, based off the Firefly TV series. I managed to get to the con on time. The Serenity panel was amazing. Joss showed a clip from the movie and then surprized everyone by bring out the entire cast! Suddenly I felt star struck and overwhelmed like I had during my first con. I loved it.

After that I walked around with another friend I happened into until they closed the con. Overall, an A+ con. I look forward to next year and hope to spend all 4 days there.

Where to Call Home

So, admittedly I am a “transplant” to San Diego. The dreaded tourist who decides to stay, which in many ways is true as a visited San Diego three times before I (or at the time, we) decided to move here.

The big question is when does San Diego truly become home. When someone asks what you are doing for Thanksgiving a common answer is “I’m heading home for the holidays” even though they have been living in a new place for a year+.

It is hard for me to think of San Diego as home. I think of a little town called Las Cruces, NM as home, not so much where I lay my head but where I feel comfortable. Part of this stems from my career and college. In Las Cruces, a town of 90000, I was someone. I was deeply rooted into the university. Not only was my dad the head of the Geography Dept and a short time the A&S undergrad dean, I had also built many of my own connections that ranged all over campus.

I had graduated with two degree, worked all over Las Cruces, knew tons of people. Just before I left I had two job offers that payed well. I was also offered to teach web design and writing at the community college. Maya would have received a job teaching English at her high school of choice. We had lots of friends. My family lived there, Maya’s was a 3-4 hour drive away.

Housing in Las Cruces averaged between $100,000 – $200,000 for a nice house and Maya and I would have been able to buy one within a year. Yet with all this going for me I decided I didn’t like Las Cruces and wanted to move. I ended up visiting four cities: Austin, San Diego, Minneapolis, and Detroit. I quickly came down to Austin or San Diego and San Diego won out. Maya and I packed all our stuff and just moved out here.

My entire life has been turned inside out and now nothing is clear. My biggest regret is that if we had stayed in Las Cruces Maya and I would still be together (as much of are fighting stemmed from money). Slowly my regrets about moving away and breaking up are shrinking away and once they are gone, then I’ll truly be able to call San Diego home.

Selling My Soul on Ebay

How does one fuck up so bad? I love ebay. I love to sell and buy on ebay. Of course it is mostly rpgs but also included many other things including CD, DVDs, Cell Phones, Bellydance costumes, drum pedal, comic books, and my favorite: Groo Cards.

Groo cards was the best auction I ever had and second most expensive thing I sold on ebay. When I was living in New Mexico a friend of mine was cleaning out his apartment while preparing to move. He found a box of Groo cards which he had packed away. He got them at a comic book store in a $5 grab bag. He did not want to take the cards with him so he gave them to me.

I’m not a big Groo fan, as a matter of fact everything I know about him came from ads in other comics. So I ended up taking these cards and storing them away. When I got ready to move to San Diego I found the cards and decided to throw them on ebay. They ended up selling for over $200!! I was stunned, the bidding started at $3.

Recently friends of mine have been trying to unload their gaming collections. I offered to sell the collections on ebay for half the final bid and I would take care of everything. The first round of this went really well and I sold around $700 in product. Almost all these items were single books or small collections.

Another friend wants to sell his books but this time I decide to take a different strategy and sell a bunch of D&D books in two large collections, one being 25 books, the other around 40 books. The auctions go fairly well and total for over $400.

Now it is time to ship the books. I have shipped over 100 items and had a problem with tarriffs and a package got lost for 2 weeks in Canada. Where did I go wrong here??? I manage to get each set in their own box, one weighs around 35 lbs, the other around 50. I print out shipping labals and I get one ready to mail. Take it to the post office, ship it with tracking and $100 insurance.

The computer is down at my work and I get out early so I decide to mail the heavy box. I take it down and ask for tracking and insurance. I get into a small arguement about insurance with the post office guy (and he doesn’t seem to happy that I have a 50 lb package). I put $200 insurance and as I’m walking out I realize he didn’t put tracking on. I’m pissed and just leave not wanting to wait in line for another 15 min to put tracking on my package.

A few days go by and I get this wierd feeling that I screwed up. That weekend I check my receits to see where I mailed the packages. I mailed them both to the address where the 50lb package was heading. I flip out. That Monday I race down to the post office to see if there is any way I can redirect the package. “No way” they say. I immediatly email the owner of the heavy box to let him know the situation and offer to refund his shipping cost ($25) if he will remail the package to the correct owner.

The recipient is nice and says no problem. He tells me he got the smaller box but not his box. A couple days go by and I ask him if he mailed the box. He says no, and then tells me that he won’t send the box until he gets his box.

I try to track down his box but without the tracking number it is hopeless. I try to reason with him but discover he is holding the other box as collateral as he only has a $280 investment in my box.




My head reels as I try to figure out what to do. I’m currently waiting for a reply on an email I sent offering a temperary $140 refund (half the total value, $20 less than the value of the smaller box) which he can hold onto until he gets his box or I can claim the insurance. He’s got me by the balls and all I can do is scream.


So, I decided to create a blog. After breaking up with Maya my mind has been reeling with what to do with myself. I honestly thought we would never break up and after 3 1/2 years I can’t believe we have. I thought I had found the perfect woman and now contemplate what went wrong…. in reality I don’t think anything went wrong.

So, what I like about Maya.

1. I thought she was hot, damn hot.

2. She fucking gamed!!!. It is hard enough to find a woman who excepts roleplaying games much less one who actually played games.

3. She was an intellect. I could talk to her about things and we would be on the same level.

So, what I hated about Maya.

1. Religion. I don’t think I can ever deal with someone who is religous on a major level again. This started off as a small thing but escalated to her number one thing. It didn’t help that I think that relgion (any religion) causes more harm than good and is the result of stupid decisions.

2. She was mean. Mean people suck. I mostly ignored this and she constantly appologized for it but it sucked anyway.

What changed about Maya?

1. Religion. Already mentioned in the above but need reiteration due to probably being the number 1 or 2 cause for us breaking up. What started off as a hobby became her life.

2. Goals. Maya constantly said I didn’t have any goals but I certainly felt more focused than she did. When we first met she wanted to be a high school teacher (something I had considered doing and respected beyond most professions) but after moving to San Diego she found out it would be difficult getting a job in her field. She gave up and decided she wanted to be a costume designer for Hollywood 😮

Why did we split up?

Just so there is no confusion on this she broke up with me, I didn’t not brake up with her. If it was up to me we would be together because I feel more comfortable with one woman than trying to “play the field.” I knew our relationship had problems and wanted to work them out, she didn’t.

1. Money. The number cause of divorce happened to be the number one cause for us splitting up. I met her after I graduated from college. From that point I wasn’t able to find decent steady work. Actually, right now is about the closest thing I ever had. In Las Cruces, NM she payed for most things as she was given a lot of money from her family. In San Diego she managed to get a decent paying job in a month. I managed to get a poorly paying job in two months. I was fired in December and been in and out of work up till about two months ago.

2. She changed. Her interest in religion increased, interest in gaming decreased, and her goals shifted to stardom she was no longer the same woman I met. However, I was willing to accept the new Maya but the new Maya was not able to accept me.

Well, first post was a big one. Very theraputic and I’m sure I have a lot more to say on the subject. Maybe I’ll go watch “Swingers” now as John Favreaur’s character and I have too much in common.