Wow, it has been a long time since I bothered to post to this blog. Since then the blog has crashed and I lost one or two posts and a bunch of images. I guess hosting your own content is just as troubling as hosting it somewhere else.

Funny enough one of the posts I lost was when I ran a 5k a few years ago called the Bootcamp Challenge. Since then I hadn’t really done much running; only a mile or two during the weekends. Well, when I found out a number of Stephanie’s friends were coming down to Orange County to run the TinkerBell 10k (a 10k through Disneyland) I had to sign up.

For the past five months I have been running with a group during lunch and building my endurance to a whopping 5 miles what most people train to get to a marathon. I wasn’t in any hurry.

The race came and went and was a lot of fun despite getting up at 3am. Also during the trip we went to Disneyland and California Adventure riding the rides and amusing ourselves in the themepark. This might sound special but Stephanie visits the park once a year and I’m there every 1 1/2 years.

Any, the main reason for this post is I spend $25 on the picture below. A lot, I know, but I felt there are no pictures of me exercising in anyway and I actually spend a lot of time doing this. It was this or another picture of me playing a roleplaying game.

Chris Running

Holiday 2010

It has been a fun filled holiday. Starting with Thanksgiving Stephanie and I drove up to LA and spent some time with her dad. We then went and had Thanksgiving dinner with her aunt and hung out talking and playing games.

The next day we went and had some veggie burgers that were really good (I couldn’t taste the difference between the veggie burger and a real one) and then drove out to Temecula were we got a villa at SouthCoast Wineries for two nights. We got there around 3 but the villa wasn’t ready until 4 so we walked around and did some wine tasting. The room was amazing with a fireplace, jacuzzi bath and other extravagance (such as two shower heads, what up with that).

The next morning we headed to downtown Temecula and walked around the farmers market like we did almost a year ago. After that we stopped to get Stephanie’s favorite gas station coffee. From there we made our way back to the villa for some quiet reading until our tour of the winery.

The tour was great and as we walked around our guide was giving us full pours straight from the barrels. The end of the tour was a wine pairing with cheese, crackers and fruit. Stephanie and I got drunk and then went to get lunch at the winery restaurant and then passed out at the villa.

Christmas was a little different as Stephanie and I packed for Las Cruces. We left on her birthday which I gave her a coupon book with things like “Quiet Time” and “Foot rubs.”

Once in Las Cruces we got dinner at La Posta, a popular Mexican restaurant. The rest of the vacation consisted of lots of eating, then more eating. Maybe we would find time to see a movie (True Grit), visit Caos Bookstore, make tamales or play tennis in-between the eating.

Gencon 2010

First weekend in August I went with a few friends up to Indianapolis for the giant gaming convention, Gencon. We left early Wednesday morning with our flight taking off at 6:30. During the flight one of my friends passed out and had to be taken to the hospital during our layover in Denver. Luckily, he was ok and joined up with us the next day.

We arrived in Indianapolis around 3pm and another friend say we could take the economy shuttle. Not knowing what we were doing we hopped on the first shuttle which ended up taking us to long term parking. After a wonderful trip around the parking lot we hopped on the correct shuttle which took us down town.

We checked-in and then headed out and grabbed some food at the Steak-n-Shake; a staple of Gencon cuisine which I missed the year before. I had a burger, shake and fries. After we had some beers, later we had played some munchkin and had more beers.

On Thursday I grabbed some breakfast and headed to the convention center to walk around the dealers room. I picked up Hamlet’s Hitpoints, Blowback, Reign (lite), Smallville and Icons. I met up with my friends and had lunch at Buca Di Beppo. I then played in a 6 hour Amber Diceless game which was fun up until the GM had everyone second guessing each other and arguing. After that we grabbed some beer to finish the night.


Friday I started with a Maid game borrowing a ticket off a friend. It had too many players and the GM did not know the rules well enough. After that my friends and I did a D&D Delve where we all died in 30 minutes. I later played in an equally bad Eclipse Phase game with too many players and an uninterested GM. I grabbed some dinner with friends and as we finished up I got a message from the Fear the Boot community which sent out texts to anyone who signed up. I had been getting texts throughout the con and decided to try one out. I ended up playing in a Dread game based off the movie Inception which was a lot of fun and made up for the two bad games.

On Saturday I headed to the Games-on-Demand section and met up with Bill White who created Ganakagok and did a quick demo of his game. After that we met up with another guy who ran us in his game called Steampunk Crescendo and then InSpecters.

We then grabbed some dinner and after I sent out a text to get games of Dresden Files and Weird War II (for my friend) to the Fear the Boot network. We ran our game until midnight. We planned on grabbing some beers but some other friends wanted to go to the White Wolf party.

White Wolf Party

The White Wolf party has been a staple of Gencon for many years. I company called White Wolf creates game about Vampire and Werewolves. You have to get an invitation early. My friends and I left for the party but only had three invitations out of five people. A $20 bribe later and we were all in. The party was a techno-gothic dance floor with cages and techno-remixed music of popular rock/industrial songs. It was open bar and a lot of fun in a serial gothic way.

Sunday we slowed down and walked through artist alley and the dealers-room. We finished things up by learning how to play the boardgame Dominion and then heading back to catch our flight.